Working with me 

(the PR stuff)

Welcome to the nitty gritty, behind the scenes of blogging. This page is specifically designed for companies to get a better idea of what to expect when working with me. I'm very creative and open to new ideas so please do feel free to give me a shout and share your thoughts at

Sponsored Products

Quite often I am sent free products in exchange for product placement on my blog. Although I am super grateful for the products I'm sent, I do only choose to accept and showcase particular products which I think might interest and suit my readers. My general rule of thumb is if I wouldn't purchase it (or think to purchase it) for myself then I'm not very comfortable promoting it to my wonderful readers. Nevertheless, all thoughts, opinions and wording are my own and completely genuine, regardless of whether or not the product was gifted to me or purchased by me. In the off-chance I don't like a product I will not post about it (but explain this to the company) or write an honest and potentially negative review. If this is the case, I will run it by the brand prior to posting/not posting. All items/posts marked with an asterisk (*) are products or contain products which have been gifted to me.

Sponsored Posts

Similarly to the products I am sent, I am offered to write paid content. When considering a paid post I will always make sure that the content will be relevant to my blog and my readers. I do understand that SEO is very important, purely SEO-based posts that won't benefit me or my readers in anyway won't be accepted. I don't accept pre-written text because I want to keep my blog true to me and my way of writing (which obviously my readers enjoy). The prices of sponsored posts will vary depending on the work involved in creating the content and the social media support. I do not accept compensation for guaranteed positive reviews.

Review Time-frame

Since this whole thing is about clarity and honesty on my blog, I thought I'd throw in how long it would take for me to publish various sponsored posts. Sometimes a company wants a review to be completed sooner than the recommended trial time that they suggest (such as skin care products for example). This makes it very difficult for me because I do have a posting schedule (which isn't necessarily a first come, first served bases either). I have broken it down into categories so please choose the appropriate one:


Since my blog is predominantly beauty based a lot of the sponsored products I receive are beauty products. I love every aspect of makeup, hair and general beauty so there's a good chance I will feature a product I'm curious about trying or I'd just love to share. I also have a YouTube channel where I will feature/use particular products. If you contact me about featuring your product I can send you detailed timing for different products. 


Although this portion of my blog is still currently quite small, it is something I am looking to grow. However, Outfit posts do take a lot of time to put together I do ask that the sponsoring companies are understanding of this. Generally these posts will be published within 2 weeks of receiving them or alternatively as soon as I can.


As long as the product fits in with my personal tastes/style/interest then I am happy to feature and/or review gadgets, apps, home-wares, books (any genre), recipe books, etc. Timing will vary depending on the product but by contacting me personally we can work it out if you have a schedule or deadline to meet. 

Getting in Touch

If you'd like to work with me please do feel free to contact me at and we can work on the plans to change the world together! My prices do vary so I do ask that you are specific with word counts, timings, etc. when you do contact me. Also, I am quite busy both at and away from my desk so please know that I will get back to you ASAP. If it's an urgent email please include "IMPORTANT" in the subject line.