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Adulthood 101: A Life Admin Routine You'll Swear By!

Adulthood 101: A Life Admin Routine You'll Swear By!

Adulthood 101: A Life Admin Routine You'll Swear By!

Ah, a Life Admin routine... One of the most adult thing you'll probably ever do with your time. A lot of people don't make time for such a thing but with a good Life Admin Routine down you will have more time, less stress and a great sense of accomplishment.

I have a couple great tips for your own life admin days as well as my own routine which will hopefully inspire you! So let's jump in, eh?

What is Life Admin anyway?

Basically, it's all the crappy personal tasks outside of work that you choose to ignore until it becomes overwhelmingly impossible and daunting. Things like paying bills, doing housework, home/car maintenance, banking, making appointments...so on. Want some cool tips to manage these crap like a boss? Keep reading!

1. Choose when and where

When you make the conscious decision to be productive, and actually clear your schedule, you'll be more likely to follow through. I like to choose 1 day a week where I plan to get all my Life Admin tasks done. It doesn't happen every week, just if and when I have enough things to do that day. More often than not, I like to do these tasks on a Sunday so I can start my week off on the right foot. 

2. Mini blasts of productivity

Sometimes, you gotta get some work done but the stack of papers on your desk, heap of laundry on your bed and the droopy plant near the window just throw you all together. I like to set a timer for 15-30 minutes where I walk around my apartment doing anything I can in that space of time that will make my space a little fresher and find things a little easier. I also find that once I'm on a role, it's hard to turn that productivity off and I blast through the next task on my to-do list! 

3. Keep track of everything

Sit down real quick and make a physical list of everything you need to do. Without your mind constantly having to think about what's next you can focus on the tasks at hand properly.  Sometimes, if I have a bad or slow day I keep my list super short and simple so I still feel like I've achieved something. I also add in the extra things I did anyway, so when I look at this long list of everything I've accomplished, I feel great! 

4.  Prioritise and simplify

I like to group tasks together. things that are super quick and simple (that I could do in a 30 min blast) go together, things that are a high priority, urgent, ASAP go together, and things that are important but take a little time to complete, go together. Sorta like this:

  1. Must do today (urgent; pay a bill, make an appointment, confirm something)
  2. Simple, quick tasks (easy; 30 min blasts, hoovering, putting away dishes, sorting laundry/paperwork)
  3. Important, complex tasks (difficult to do, needs a block of time to complete; filing paperwork, filing out taxes)
  4. Long-term tasks (not urgent but good to make a start; following up a phone call, making an enquiry, washing the windows, tidying the garden)

Simplification is important too. If you look at these tasks as big, scary and impossible, you'll never get things done! Simplify your mind, dump your worries on some paper and throw it in the bin, and realise that these tasks are simple, no big deal and will make your life easier.

Also, look for opportunities to simplify; order shopping online, change to e-statements and e-bills, set up standing orders for reoccurring payments, set automatic reminders for tasks (like  a car servicing) and outsource tasks if possible (a.k.a ASK FOR HELP). Easy peasy!

My Life Admin Routine

Not every Life Admin day looks like this. It bends and flexes to suit my needs which are why Life Admin days are the best! 


I like to start my day with my breakfast and making a to-do list. this gives me a plan for my day.

When I'm ready to go, I always do a quick 30-minute blast where I put a load of laundry on to wash, wipe down surfaces, pick up any mess on the floor, tidy away clothes, clear clutter off of surfaces and sort my paperwork. Basically, anything to make my space clean and fresh. 

I then sit down to do a big yucky task like planning this month's budget, filing away the paperwork, organising my emails, making appointments, returning calls etc. I'm most productive in the mornings so I like to do the "worst" tasks first while my brain is all bright and shiny. 


After a lunch break, I'll do more "active" tasks so I'm forced to keep up and on my feet and persevering. I'll give the kitchen and bathroom a good clean. I'll hoover all the floors and wash them too. If I have other tasks still on my list I'll work through all them, too. 


If I have some food shopping to do, I'll go in the evening. Other than that, it is my time to relax! 

That is my Life Admin day and tips for you! I hope you found it useful! I also put together a free printable list for you download and check off on your admin days. Have you got any tips of hacks to share? Tell me in the comments! 

Happy Adulting!

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