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Argan Oil: The Ultimate Holy Grail Product

Argan Oil: The Ultimate Holy Grail Product

Argan Oil: The Ultimate Holy Grail Product

We all aspire to have one-for-all kind of product that can be an ultimate solution to all our skin and hair problems. The good news is argan oil has put our quest to an end; no need to run around cosmetic stores buying a hundred products with a hope to get one that actually works. The best thing is it is 100% pure with no chemicals and no side effects, now what more could you ever ask for?

Most of the famous makeup artists, bloggers and spas all around the globe prefer this oil to all the other essential oils available in the market. It is also known as liquid gold for its infinite benefits and golden colour. Argan trees are only found in Morocco and that is where the argan oil comes from. Here are some major benefits of this oil after reading which you will be head over heels about this oil!


Toning skin with a natural toner is much more effective than using the chemical induced products daily. Toners must be used on a daily basis as a part of the skincare routine. Using argan oil, you can make your natural toner at the comfort of home.

Just take a fresh rose, a tea bag, a cup of water and two drops of argan oil. Put the water on the stove, add the tea bag and rose petals to it and remove the mixture from the stove when the colour of the water changes to golden brown. Let it cool down and add two drops of argan oil to it. Pour it a spray bottle and your toner is ready. Shake well before every use.


This non-greasy oil is used as styling agent and shiner by many famous hairstylists. The best part is that it eventually repairs your hair permanently while your purpose to use it is just temporary. Using it more often can lead to more straight and shiny hair than ever before. It also treats split end and frizz.


Argan oil helps to treat brittle and infected nails. Apply warm oil on your hands and feet and massage them well before you go to bed daily. Wear socks and gloves over them. This will not only help treat the brittle nails but also soften the hard skin and corns if any.


It is always better to use less chemical induced lip balms on the lips as their skin needs a little extra care. Using an organic product like argan oil as a lip balm will not only soften the dry lips but also help regain the original hue of your lips.


Argan oil is full of anti-oxidants that help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the pimples. Moreover, the daily use of this non-greasy oil as a moisturiser reduces the production of the natural oil on skin that causes acne.


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