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The Not-So-Lame Guide to Feeding Your Soul

The Not-So-Lame Guide to Feeding Your Soul

Photo by  Joanie Simon  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joanie Simon on Unsplash

Winter is very much that time of year where we are deep in our hibernation process. The fairy lights go up as the parasols come down. Even our food becomes slower; more slow-cooked meals instead of flame-grilled. It's a wonderful time of year to feed our souls and use our extra time in the dark evenings for a little personal growth.


Start with yourself to make the most impact.

⭐️Meditation - Wake up 10 minutes earlier and spend the time settling those restless thoughts.

⭐️ Magnesium -  Boost your magnesium levels with supplements or a relaxing Epsom salt bath to ward off those winter blues.

⭐️ Reading - Call into your local bookshop and choose from a variety of worlds to escape to and expand your mind.

⭐️ Clean and declutter - Before the cobwebs have a chance to form, make way for the new year with a good clean and clear your surroundings to inspire you

⭐️ Positivity - Change your outlook to a more positive one and spread it around family and friends. It will do wonders, trust me!


Look at the world around you, how does it affect you?

🌍 Seasonal foods - Enjoy some delicious seasonal foods for a much-needed boost of vitamins that's easier on your purse.

🌍 A taste of nature - Get a change of scene with a nice walk to a nearby beach or forest. Feeling adventurous? See what your local area has to explore. But remember to check the weather and keep safe!

🌍 The environment - Spending more time indoors with the lights and the heating on can be sore on the environment and your bills. Make a few changes to reduce the negative impact and save you a few quid.


Interacting with others can boost your mood and give you a sense of direction and purpose.

🤝Animal love - Collect up some toys, food and bedding to help the local animal shelter. Or volunteer your time to help them during these colder months.

🤝 Time with family and friends - Turn off the WiFi, put away the phones and light some candles. Time with close ones is so important during these dark and lonely nights.

🤝 Good deeds - Do something good without expecting anything in return. Be selfless and brighten someone else's day. 


Need some inspiration for some fun things to do?

💆 Visit an art exhibition.

💆 Dance! Learn a routine on YouTube, join a class or visit a club.

💆 Indulge in some poetry.

💆 Experience live theatre.

💆 Stargaze...there's a whole world out there, take a minute to have a good look. 

Finding the right balance of selfishness and selflessness is the key to a happy, wholesome heart. Once you've found that balance, you'll see the world in a different light.  

How do you like to feed your soul?

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