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Back to School Basics: perfect brows for all ages

Back to School Basics: perfect brows for all ages

Back to School Beauty: Perfect Brows for All Ages

School is starting any day now. Or, perhaps I'm that old now, school may have already started and I didn't realise (sorry). Either way, this post is relevant. Infact, I'm creating an entire series for Back to School Basics full of advice and tips for School-Goers. I'm going to kick things off with brows. Because, why not.

With the Strong Brow Game and Brows on Fleek or whatever dumb-ass brow trend is floating around right now, it's pretty easy to feel out of the loop and off trend. I am here to save you from your brow woes. 

When you're at school you should be focusing on learning and growing your mind and not contouring and eyebrows. Did you know that in a recent study, people with trendy makeup/brows did worse in their grades? No I made that up, I'm kidding. I'm sure there are those who do both but that's not my point. 

You shouldn't be worrying about carving your brows out before your bus comes. But you should maintain a sleek, well groomed appearance. I will break it down for you now. And before you oldies start, as long as the parent is okay with it, it's totally okay to start playing with makeup at a young age. Just like with sex ed, you're better to teach it early on so you understand and learn and don't mess things up. Now, back to it. 

AGES 10-12

At this age you're not going to be shaping your tweezing your brows (if you're curious however, read on). You also may be starting to feel a little more aware of people, getting crushes or whatever. So it's nice to want to feel nice. It boosts your confidence!

💖 A simple clear brow gel is perfect and a steady staple in my makeup bag since I was 11 is the Essence Clear Lash & Brow Gel. It's also really affordable so you can get it with your pocket money!

Back to School Beauty: Perfect Brows for All Ages

AGES 13-15

A lot can happen in these few years. You start into secondary school, maybe your first night out at an underage disco, new friendships. You want to look your best and feel grown up. This is the age that will make or break your eyebrows. Mine still haven't grown in from 13yo me over plucking them. But before you get tweezer (un)happy and end up begging daddy for a Dipbrow from Anastasia and he starts asking is she one of your few friends, follow these tips.

💖 If you want to shape your brows, step away from the tweezers. For the first time (or five) go to a professional until you learn the ropes. Tell your mum or another grown-up that this is what you want to do and look for somewhere to go an have it done. Benefit have a wonderful Brow Bar and will shape your brows for as little as €16 and they will map them to suit your face.

💖 Tinting is a wonderful thing but don't feel you need to do it. Instead, opt for a tinted brow gel to hold your new brows in place. I am a HUGE fan of the L'oreal Brow Plumper for an effortless, filled in, smoothed over brow. 

Back to School Beauty: Perfect Brows for All Ages

AGES 16-18+

Okay, we get it you're an adult now. You're dancing to your own beat but please, listen to wht I gotta say?! Before you go thinking you have to follow this bizarre, ombre, unibrow, scouse brow trend just take a second to read this: 

💖 Tint. Tint. Tint. Seriously, this time savour means you can look polished even when you've overslept. Now you can focus more on your final grades (and a good night's sleep) than spending 15 mins drawing on your brows every morning. I have used the Eylure Dylash since I was about 16. Trust me, Dark Brown for 5 minutes will be dark enough! Your brows will be tinted before the kettle is finished boiling for your tea break! 

💖 If you do want to fill in your brows my simple hack will look amazing, professionally done and save you time. Get a brow gel (clear or tinted) a powder matching your colour (eyeshadow works too) and an angled brush. First, stick your brows in place with the gel. Then using your powder, lightly fill in any sparse areas with the angled brush. Voila! Beautifully groomed brows! 

How to fill in your brows

Got any brow tips to share? I'd love to read them in the comments below. Don't forget, you don't need to change yourself to impress others; you do you and everything will fall into place. Make the most of your school days, study snart but have fun too! 

See you in my next post!


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