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Top Differences Between Laser And Electrolysis Hair Removal

Top Differences Between Laser And Electrolysis Hair Removal


This post was submitted by Aleya who has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal in Long Island for over ten years.

When it comes to hair removal there are a lot of options out there. You can tweeze, thread, shave and wax but these options have to be done often. Depending on which part of your body you want to work on, a better option can be either laser or electrolysis hair removal. In order to decide which one is right for you, it’s important to know the main differences between the two treatments.


Electrolysis is the only form of hair removal in the world that is truly permanent hair removal. It takes time to remove each and every hair but once they are gone, those particular hairs will never come back. Hormonal changes from pregnancy, menopause and certain medications may cause you to grow out new hairs over the years but the old ones will never regrow because that hair follicle was treated and is now dead.

Laser is legally called permanent hair reduction because it cannot be guaranteed that all of the hairs will go away once the treatments are finished. In addition to this you have to do yearly touch-ups because the hairs that were made inactive will grow out again. Just one touch up will make the hairs go back into hibernation mode though so you will not be as bad as you were when you first started treatments. It is possible however that some of the hairs will never come back so it may happen that it is semi-permanent. The hairs that don’t go away with laser can be removed with electrolysis.


Electrolysis can be performed on anyone regardless of the thickness and color of the hairs or the colors of the skin. You are using a probe to treat the root directly so results are guaranteed over time.

The only people who should consider getting laser on any part of their face or body are people who have a lot of thick, dark hairs. Those of you who have thin or sparse hairs should stay away from it because the results will not be favorable. If you have white, grey, red, blond or light brown hairs you should skip the laser and go for electrolysis instead because the laser can’t see the pigment of your hair through the skin so it won’t work. Finally, people who have light skin and dark hairs make the best candidates for laser however, if you have dark skin and dark hairs you can still see results as long as you use a laser that can work on your skin. People of African descent should be extremely careful because if their skin is darker than a cup of coffee the laser may burn them.


Unfortunately there is no way of saying how many treatments you will need to get rid of all of the hairs with electrolysis. Your results will depend on a series of aspects including:

  • Your ethnic background- People of Hispanic, Indian, Africa, Middle Eastern, Greek and Italian ancestry will usually have thicker, stronger hairs then other people.

  • Your Stage In Life- menopausal hairs tend to be very strong

  • How often you get treated- If you go in for treatments once every few months then it can take years for the hairs to respond whereas if you go as soon as the hairs grow out you’ll weaken and kill off the hairs at their weakest stage.

  • What you have done to the hairs in the past- If the hairs have never been tampered with then you should see very fast results. However, if you have tweezed, threaded, waxed or shaved the hairs then they are strong and will take more time to treat.

  • The area you want to treat- It takes more time to treat larger body parts.

You will need a minimum of seven laser treatments to finish your laser treatments. For some people that is all that is necessary but in some cases it can go to twelve treatments. As long as you are seeing a reduction of hairs you can continue your sessions. As far as the time frame goes, you are looking at approximately one year of treatment time because you want to go in once every four to six weeks.


If you stick with it, all of the hairs will die out after you get electrolysis hair removal. You can get all of the thick, long, dark ones as well as the fine, thin, light hairs.

The companies that make the lasers guarantee 30-50% hair reduction. However depending on how thick, dark and full your hairs are you can definitely see upwards of 85% reduction. The hairs that don’t go away with laser can be treated with electrolysis and then those hairs will be permanently gone.


Since electrolysis targets specific hair follicles one at a time you can do it on any part of the body you like.

Normally the underarms, lower legs, bikini and chest and back (on men) have the most hairs on them so they give you the best results. Just keep to the rule of working only on thick, black hairs and you should see results.


Electrolysis is normally pretty safe. You can get scarred if a technician uses dirty tools on you which they shouldn’t because the probe (the tool that looks like a needle) goes into your skin. You can also damage the skin if the setting is put up much too high for a long period of time. For example an area on the lip should be worked on at a 2 but if you put it on a 9 and work for an hour then the skin can be temporarily hurt.

There are a variety of things that can go wrong with laser:

  • Hyperpigmentation- Your skin turns brown. This is a short term issue and is caused by the setting of the laser being too strong.
  • Hypopigmentation- Your skin turns white. This takes longer to heal and can occur of you are tan or have product on the area that is being treated.

There is a small chance of getting severely red, scarring, blistering and infection but these are very rare.

The best way to ensure that you get the results that you want is to speak to someone who specializes in laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments. Be sure to ask your friends for recommendations and even read online reviews so that you are sure to get someone who is not only good but honest to work on you. Most importantly though listen to your gut feeling and make sure to go to someone that you trust.

You can find out more about Aleya and her services on her website. She also has loads of other informative articles similar to this there too. Have you ever had Laser or Electrolysis before? I'd love to hear about your hair removal experiences in the comments below!

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