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Welcome February

Welcome February Goals

Hello there! Welcome to another Monthly Check-in. I hope you are very very well! Well I don't know about you but I'm glad to have the Monday of the year over with. Your stuck in this limbo of festive buzz and sadness as you leave your folks and come down to reality but you've still got a zillion Christmas candles to burn first.

January was a slow month as I'm sure you seen here! But my personal life was pretty hectic trying to get taxes and cars and bills sorted out for the year ahead. You know, grown up stuff. sigh.

Anyway, although the enthusiasm is yet to make an appearance, I'm feeling good for February! This month it's going to be all about the luuuurv. Okay but seriously! It's going to be about doing the things I love, with the people I love, surrounding myself with things I love and so on. Sounds good, right?

So this month will be filled with lovely things from cute recipes to Lust Lists. Okay, my head is actually starting to swim with ideas! 

I'm not going to set any goals for this month because I kind of feel like I need some freedom to feel inspired, ye know? Ah the life of an artist! 

On that note, I shall sign off and get back to my to-do list. I hope your month is filled with as much love as mine will!

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