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Kiko Milano Cosmetics Wish List || What to buy now!

Kiko Milano Cosmetics Wish List || What to buy now!

I remember hearing YouTubers gushing over Kiko Milano products and I scoured the internet trying to find them since, at the time, I couldn't get them in Ireland. Fast forward a few years and I come to Switzerland, hit up my local H&M (swoon) and what's next door? A freakin' Kiko store! Now if you read my Blank Canvas Launch you'll know how much I love to actually go in store to try out and purchase makeup. I've been in countless times but I've always been too overwhelmed and mesmerized to actually buy something. Lame I know.

I thought to myself Holly It's time to get serious. So I sat down and studied their website and concocted a lil ole wish list. Let's take a look at it, shall we? I've linked both the Swiss and the Irish site but you can find them across all the sites.



CC Cream Cushion System

Not gonna lie, me myself personally? I hate wearing foundations. It just feels...icky. I have always been curious about these compact cushion foundations since my sister's Korea phase of 2012. I was pretty excited to see they were showing up in western makeup counters because It sounds right up my street. This foundation promises to conceal imperfections and discoloration resulting in a smooth, radiant and even-looking appearance. It costs 23.90 CHF/11.10 EUR.


Infinity Eyeshadow

I've heard great things about these shadows!They have a velvety texture and are highly pigmented so they would make a wonderful addition to anyone's makeup collection. I've gone for a few pretty basic crease colours that are hugely versatile.  These are on offer at the moment here costing a bargain 2.90(originally 6.90)CHF/2.40 EUR.

204 Mat Apricot

204 Mat Apricot

213 Mat Cocoa

213 Mat Cocoa

288 Mat Brown Taupe

288 Mat Brown Taupe


Water Eyeshadow

These look absolutely incredible and swatch beautifully! I've seen people using them as highlighters which some say even top that popular highlighter which shares a name with an alcoholic beverage. You can pack this on wet or dry for an amazing multidimensional, high-shine finish. This was a toss up between 201 Rosy Taupe and 200 Champagne. These cost 5.90(originally 12.90) CHF/8.90 EUR.


Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

This one made it's way into the last after reading this By Terry comparison on Feathers and Brushes. I love stick/cream eyeshadow products. In all honesty my day-to-day makeup can get pretty lazy so if there's a corner I can cut I shall cut it! I loved the look of the By Terry Black Star shadows but I could honestly not justify spending almost my week's food shop on a twisty crayon. Yet I know someday I will cave. Sigh. This costs 9.90 CHF/6.90 EUR.

5 Rosy Brown

5 Rosy Brown


Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil

I'm not a huge fan of HD or overly penciled brows but since my hair has grown into its natural brunette glory my fair brows have left my face looking...meh. You know what I mean! I'm forever on the hunt for brow products that are inexpensive and effective. I love the look of this twist up slanted pencil with a spoolie on the end. The colour here is 03 Brunette but I think 05 Deepest Brunette would suit me better. You can pick these up for 4.80 (Usually 6.90) CHF and for the same price/offer in Euro.

303 Tea Rose  6.90 CHF / 4.90 EUR

303 Tea Rose 6.90 CHF/4.90 EUR

Creamy Comfort Lip Liner & Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick

I swear I have about a zillion other lip products in the same shade but I am such a sucker for that my lips but better colour. The lip pencil promises a comfortable creamy but long lasting finish with no smudging or bleeding. Can we talk about this lipstick packaging for a second?! Amazing.  I have crappy dry lips  like 99% of my time so to find a lipstick that promises a smooth finish and softer, nourished lips? Of course I'll try it! 

107 Mocaccino  12.90 CHF / 8.90 EUR

107 Mocaccino 12.90 CHF/8.90 EUR

So there you have a sneak peak into my Kiko shopping basket! Who knows, maybe if I swing by the store this weekend a few may just come home with me. Or maybe I'll just click Checkout online and never have to get out of my pajamas! I won't tell if you won't.

Have you a few Kiko faves you think I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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