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My Top 10 Christmas Movies | 12 Days of Blogmas

My Top 10 Christmas Movies | 12 Days of Blogmas

12 days of Blogmas

Welcome to 12 Days Of Blogmas! Count down the days until Santa arrives with me, here on The Lady Life. I'm going to share a variety of fun, festive posts everyday with a final surprise on the 25th! 

To start off on a totally cozy vibe, I really wanted to get you in the Christmassy mood (as if you wasn't already) with some of my favourite Christmas movies. Make yourself some hot chocolate, pull on your snuggliest PJs and and begin the Christmas Movie Marathon! 


  • Snuggly pyjamas
  • Lots of blankets
  • Pillow fort (optional)
  • All food gingerbread, toffee, spiced, or chocolate flavoured
  • Hot chocolate with all the trimmings
  • Box of tissues
  • Someone/thing to cuddle! 


This movie has always freaked me out but it wouldn't be Christmas without it! In fact, I used to hide our video tape of this because it scared me so much. But it's okay, I've come to terms with puppet-type creatures and I can get a little bit of enjoyment from this Christmas classic. 


I remember the 1982 version which is less than half an hour long but every moment was magical. They would play it for us in Assembly at Christmas time when I was in primary school in England. I also remember episodes and giveaways surrounding the short film on the Blue Peter show after school. It'll forever be a firm favourite of mine!


Oh, this Jim Carrey classic is so good. I love watching it, singing along with Cindy Lou (who is a baby-faced Taylor Momsen FYI!). This movie gives you all the feels as Baby Grinch experiences heartbreak for the first time. The Grinch is totally me throughout the entire year so it's also a lovely reminder of what Christmas is all about. This is a Christmas Eve staple for me! 


This 1946 classic black and white is so lovely. I first watched it last christmas and it has such a wonderful, wholesome effect on me. I love the simplicity of old movies. The message of importance is a beautiful reminder of how special you are and how people's lives would be effected without you in it. 


Okay this is sort of a Christmas movie. I am such a romantic softie, no joke! And who doesn't love a bit of star crossed lovers frolicing in the snow? I really enjoy this film at a super girly, chick-flicks and chill sleepover with my old friends when I come home at Christmas. 


I always love to watch this movie with my mum, some savory snacks and a glass of wine, in front of the fire. I told you I'm a sucker for these sorts of snow romances. Maybe I'll do an impromptu house swap with someone in a snowy part of England? Not sure how the ole boyfriend would feel about that!


Poor Rick had the nicest life before The Walking Dead, didn't he? LOL. Of course Love Actually would get a mention on my Christmas Top 10. Who doesn't want to follow a bunch of strangers falling in and out of love on Christmas? Top Marks from me wink. wink.

(btw, Mark is the name of Rick (Andrew Lincoln's) Character. Yeah okay now you're LOLing.)


When the Grinch is taking a day off, Bridget soddin' Jones is my spirit animal. Watching her battle through horrendous social scenarios while brandishing her infamous giant knickers and thoughtless mouth gives me so much hope. Christmas is the time for love an new beginnings and Bridget's diary is enough to motivate you to be a person, then, accept and be content with the wonderful person you already are. Remember, somebody love you just the way you are. 


This is sort of a thing between my boyfriend and I, Disney movies at Christmas time in a pillow fort. I know, I'll stop making you vom with our adorableness. Frozen is just a fun, guilty pleasure that you can sing along with and get really into. If you're embarrassed to watch this on your own then find some younger family members  and "supervise" the movie! Told you, guilt-free. 


I was raised on this film. In fact, I watched it so much that I broke my video tape of it. As soon as I learned how to talk, I was singing along with Jack. It inspired stories and art projects. It's been the theme of many a pumpkin carved. Jack Skellington was also my first love (and also an acessory to most of my outfits when I was 13). This will always be my ultimate, favourite Christmas movie! 

What I've learned from this is I have horrendous taste in movies and should be ashamed. I guess I'll stick to what I know!

Got any movie recommendations?

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