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17 Before 2017 in 17 days! | 12 Days of Blogmas

17 Before 2017 in 17 days! | 12 Days of Blogmas

17 before 2017 in 17 days

17 before 2017 is sort of a goal-setting challenge that has been floating around on Instagram and Pinterest. I thought I'd share it with you as part of day 2 of Blogmas! I've taken a little inspiration from Bullet Journal Queen, Kara from BoHo Berry. I hope you find a little bit motivation. I'll talk you through it, shall I? 


  1. What projects have you started this year but not completed?
  2. What would make this year and absolute success?
  3. What area of your life do you want/need to improve on?

So which about 17 days left of 2016 I've left myself a little tight for time but who doesn't love a good challenge? I'll share with you my "17 before 2017" in 17 days! With the added bonus of traveling over Christmas makes this a whole lot more interesting, too. 

1. Clear out and reorganise my kitchen

Before I fly out of Switzerland I need a serious declutter of my baking cupboards and a general spruce of all the appliances and pantry. It's time to clear out old food and take stock for the new year.

2. Clear out my wardrobe

I usually like to do this thing where I throw out something when I buy a new thing but lately I haven't been doing that. It's time to throw out that "irreparable but I'll try" pile and donate clothes that I don't feel happy in.

3. Finish a book

I have had Gone Girl sitting next to my bead this entire year and I keep meaning to start it but I've always been "too busy". I mean, who doesn't have time to read a page or 2 in the evening? Time to start and finish it ASAP!

4. Daily meditation

I'm an on and off meditator but I always enjoy the benefits when I do it. I want to find a little spot in my day where I can fit in a little peace and quiet using my Headspace app.

5. Daily walks (anywhere!)

I used to really enjoy going for a walk and soaking up my surroundings. But when I started associating my walks with fitness it became a chore and it put me off. I'd like to make a little time in my day to enjoy my surroundings. 

6. Finalise business deals

Before I leave Switzerland, I've got a few business ventures to wrap up before The year comes to an end. I want to start the new year with a clean sheet and space to let my creativity flowing.

7. Create my Blog Plan for 2017

I really would love to sit down and figure out my direction for next year. It's wonderful when you know what to do next. If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments!

8. Set up new blog segment for 2017

Like I said in the above post, I'll plan out where I'm going next but one thing's for sure, I was to start a new segment on my blog this year! I'll be keeping it secret for know though.

9. Work on my short story

When I'm not blogging, I'm working on a small creative writing project. I'm not sure if I'll ever publish it but it's a wonderful wee project that shakes up my writing routine. I'd love to get back to it and get a little further with it.

10. Revise and set personal goals for 2017

I love a book called The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn. It gave me some wonderful ideas and inspiration about what I'd like to achieve in the next 12 months. Instead of just saying "This is my goal!" I want to actually apply and achieve them.   

11. Spend time catching up with my sister

My sister started university this year so she's not even on Home Turf anymore! When we are both back at the Home Tree we'll be binge-watching Breaking Bad and drinking embarrassing aounts of Costa hot chocolate!

12. Treat my mum

Aw, who doesn't love their mum?!  I haven't seen my mum in a year, how crazy is that? So I can't wait for our little coffee and trashy magazine mornings when I'm home.

13. Catch up with old friends

If you think it's been a long moment since I seen my mum well I haven't seen some of my friends in at least 2 years. I'd love to see everyone and catch up. We're all so adult-y now, it's amazing!

14. Lay old drama to rest

I'm so over there dumb ass drama from school that's still dragging out. I've made peace with a lot if demons but I'm sure there's a few more left to shake. I'm too old for this BS!  

15. Update music playlist

I've been getting back into my music after a few years of radio silence. I lost all my old tracks when my old computer died so I was totally disheartened to start building it again.

15. Set up 2017 budget

Man, money is a tricky one. I've been experimenting with a few methods and techniques for keeping track of our money but I think I've gotten the hang of it! Time to tighten the build and start properly saving up!

17. Enjoy a nice date night

 When we go back to Ireland things start to get a little hectic. My boyfriend and I have so much to do with family that it's easier to do it separately to get more done! It's import to make some time for ourselves and go for a nice date! 

Will you be trying out this challenge before the new year? Share your to-do list in the comments below!

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