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My Ultimate Cozy Winter Night-Time Routine 2016

My Ultimate Cozy Winter Night-Time Routine 2016

My Ultimate Cozy Winter Night-Time Routine 2016

The days are getting shorter and I am getting more and more tempted to take up hibernating but since adopting a few evening rituals I've been sleeping better and waking up feeling more refreshed. 


I start my evening routine after dinner, so usually around 7:30pm. I give the house a quick, simple tidy; I wash any dishes in the sink, pick up any clothes off the floor (or that ominous chair in the corner) and put away any work related things. Once I've got  tidy and peaceful environment I can relax a lot more. 


Then, I head into the bathroom because by now it's free. I begin by taking off my makeup and cleansing my skin. I warm up the shower or run a bath if I have time, and jump in. This is more for a quick warm-up and a way of signaling that the day is done you can relax now. I don't like to wash my hair at night because I really can't be arsed drying it. I finish up with some serums, moisturisers, oils etc before I pull on some cozy pyjamas. 


Once I'm back in my bedroom I get it all cozy. I turn down my bed, maybe light a candle or some incense. I put my phone on to aeroplane mode and switch off my computer. Sometimes my boyfriend catches up with his brothers back home over the Xbox so while he's doing that I might listen to some music or read or paint or something. If we have some time we might watch a film together or an episode of Friends. Who doesn't love Friends?! 


I always try to squeeze in a little bit of journaling and/or meditation. Sometimes I offload too much of my day's stress onto my poor old boyfriend and then he joins in on the worry or distress so processing these negative feelings in my own way helps me reevaluate the situation and builds a stronger connection with my mister. I also love a real soothing cup of tea too, you should check out some bedtime teas with lavender and chamomile.

It's great to leave today's stresses and strains behind so check off my to-do list, make a quick list for tomorrow of things I don't want to forget and then leave it at that. I don't give today's problems another thought. 


We always like to leave plenty of time to go to bed early. We both get up at 5:45/6am everyday so I feel a lot more rested going to sleep at half 9/10pm. I know, it sounds super crazy but I have a really long and full day so leaving myself plenty of time to come down from the day's high is vital for a good night's kip. About half an hour before I want to sleep I take some magnesium. This has a variety of benefits but I take it to help with some PMS symptoms and get a better sleep. It can affect the heart so speak to a medical professional first. 

Once in bed, we like to chill and chat and catch up on each others day and plans. We love to reminisce and laugh a lot too so we end up going to bed in a very positive affirming place which is so important.

When we're ready, we switch off the lights and cozy into bed and just drift off. The next morning we wake up feeling refreshed with a great outlook for the new day! 

What do you do for your nighttime routine?


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