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8 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Right Now

8 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Right Now

8 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Right Now

With the new year approaching and the season of binge-eating/watching is right around the corner now is a great time to start implementing a few healthy lifestyle changes. Now, it doesn't have to be anything drastic, just a few tweaks to help you feel better, brighter, healthier and happier.  These are a few things that I make sure to implement in my day to day life, too and they work wonderfully! 


Nothing makes you feel more human than a good night's sleep. I get in my 8 hours every night and stick to the same bedtime and wakeup time everyday, with the exception of the weekend when I let myself wake up naturally. Good night's sleep helps keep your head clear, your weight in check and keeps you feeling so much more sane! 

8 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Right Now


As soon as I wake up I drink the glass of water I keep beside my bed. After 8+ hours of no food or water your body really needs to be refreshed and rehydrated.  I always forget to drink water so I always make sure to keep a glass or a bottle near me at all times. Also herbal teas and flavored waters make a great alternative if you don't like water. 


Seriously, get some fresh air in your day. Go for a walk, open your windows, sit outside whenever you can. Fresh air helps keep your skin clear and and your mind still. I love nothing more than wrapping up warm for a cozy stroll in the park or taking my morning coffee outside to watch the sunrise. Take some time to catch your breath and indulge in the simplicity of fresh air. 


Surrounding yourself with people who love you and care about you can make the world of difference. But it's also important to reciprocate this love and care back to your friends and family. Make time in your busy schedule to work on these relationships. Share each other's problems, laugh lots and cry together. Amazing relationships will help keep you grounded and focused on your goals.

8 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Right Now


I eat very minimal meat, maybe once or twice a week, if at all. I eat lots of in season produce whenever I can and indulge in a little sweet treat when I fancy it. You have no idea how much I love baking! You're better to take pleasure in your food rather than restricting and resenting yourself for it. Make healthy choices appropriate to situation and lifestyle. 


Just like you should balance your food, you should balance your life too. Work and personal life should have a clear divide. Try to switch off your phone at night, don't eat over a screen and live in the moment instead of for the Likes. Balance is needed in all aspects of your life like food, work, relationships and fun. Try to incorporate some balance into your life. 


I've never had a lot of possessions nor even the want for a lot of "stuff". It's not for ethical reasons or anything, I just genuinely feel better when I have a small selection of outfits or beauty products or even trinkets. Having a clear space (and fewer decisions to make in the morning) makes me feel more calm and clear. Maybe it's time to have a clear out? 


Instead of overcomplicating everything and adding to the stress of work and life, it's easier to know the motions I have to go through in order to get things done. This means my brain power can be better used elsewhere. For example, my morning is shower, dress, makeup, breakfast. I just move through the steps until I've done everything I need to. Nothing gets forgotten and everything gets completed. 

Do you have some lifestyle changes I could add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. Good luck shaking up your lifestyle!

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