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Welcome January 2016

Welcome January 2016

Welcome January Update

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a warm, welcoming New Year! I've had a lovely, quiet holiday spent with my family. It's been so nice to take some time to myself and recharge for the New Year ahead.

For this month's welcoming, instead of like most blogs who are sharing their entire year's resolutions, I'm going to stick to my way of thinking and keep to my monthly goals. So without further ado here are my goals for January: 

Make the most of time at home with friends and family

I only have a little over a week left in Ireland and a lot of my friends are going back to college. I'm going to be ringing around and making plans like a mad man this week. So I guess it's time to switch off the screen and start seeing folk face to face!

Make plans for the year ahead

There's so much to see and do and people to meet, I'm actually just so excited for it all! My boyfriend and I have a few things planned but there's still plenty of empty days left in the calendar! Have you got any suggestions of things to see and do in Europe? Tell me in the comments below.

Clear out and start a fresh

Will our roommates moved out and some new temporary ones coming this month it means there's going to be quite a few changes to get used to! I absolutely love a good spring clean and dusting off of the top shelves. It's time to air out and welcome some new things.

I think I'll add to this list as the year goes on but for now my head is full of turkey, wheaten bread and me mam's soup. If your having a little trouble sticking to your resolutions then why not start out the right way this year with this guide to resolutions? If your not quite there yet, don't worry! Sit back with a warm hot chocolate and feel at peace knowing the diet can always start next week (or the week after).

What do you have planned for the month and year ahead? remember to take each day as it comes, one small step at a time! And if you slip up, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and remember that tomorrow is a new day! 

Happy New Year!

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