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Living the Lady Life || Update



How is the New Year treating you? Is she being cruel or kind? Well mine is going okay so far. Things have been a little hectic as I'm sure you noticed by my lack of posts. It's all cool, don't worry I'm still alive!

 My New Year kicked off flu-riddled in Ireland before a crazy week of countless coffees with old friends before we all return to normality. We eventually flew back to Switzerland that Sunday and spent the following week catching up on housework, errands and plant care (gotta care for dem plants yo!). 

Our first weekend in Switzerland was spent driving all over the country in the snow transporting cars. Don't worry my Beauty Mavens, I'll have a post up on my latest car adventure soon! Oh! We also welcomed 2 new housemates into our home! Okay, you're probably like "how many more people can you squeeze into that house?" Well fear not because at Christmas Chris's brother and his girlfriend and his baby bro all moved out freeing up two of the rooms.

BTW updated room tour? I think so! 

Anyway, so now poor Chris is outnumbered by 3 girls to 1 guy. The house smells all pretty instead of that god-awful man spray. Yuck. 

So finally that leads us up to this week! I stared a new 30 Days Of Yoga challenge on Monday so my mornings are packed full with invigoration. In terms of my blog, I've been working on a project which will be coming to you in February. It's a 12 week program to help you create your Ideal Me. It comes at a good time because all those silly fad diets and resolutions are out the window and it's time to get serious. For more information click here.

I've also been tweaking the layout and structure of my blog so if you've any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! 

Anyway, that will be all for this little update. I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and just suffering from fatigue and writer's block. 

Normality shall resume shortly! 

I'll see you in my next post, have a good one! 

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