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Luxury Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

Luxury Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe


With these wintery days drawing to a close, I want to share with you my favourite homemade Hot Chocolate recipe. My mum always made this on the cold wintery nights when my sister and I came home from school. Its thick and creamy with that bitter-sweet kick that dark chocolate gives.

I also teamed them with some yummy gingerbread cookies that I made this morning. These are delicious!  Crisp on the outside, chewy in the center...the best way a cookie should be! 




To make 4 mugs (or six cups) you need:

  • 600 ml of milk
  • 140 ml of double cream
  • 100g of chopped milk chocolate

If you're a fan of a richer hot chocolate (like myself) try using about 75g of 70% cocao chocolate. Just add a little and taste until you get  the desired taste. I used the Moser Roth chocolate bars from Aldi. I really like these bars, they taste good, they cook well and they come in a variety of cocao % so theres one to keep everyone happy! I find these to be too strong for me but I still really love the health benefits of dark chocolate, have you any recomendations for a good dark choccy snack?

Just pour your milk into a pan, add your chopped chocolates and stir until it melts. You may need to whisk it a little.  Before it starts to boil, lift it from the heat and stir, allowing it to cool slightly, then add the cream. Adding your cream last means it won't split or go lumpy. 

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