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How to start your day the best way possible

How to start your day the best way possible

Pin: How to: Start your day the best way possible

Did you know that a good day starts the night before? That's something I learned while at school. By finishing my work, completing research, laying out clothes and packing my bag the night before meant I could breeze through the day without a concern. I don't know about you but this year I really want to make the most of every moment of every day; spend it with love ones, eat good food, do what I love. You can't argue with how amazing that sounds! Here's some of my tips to starting your day off right.

  • Plan an exciting breakfast

When you're looking forward to something yummy in the A.M. your more excited about getting up. Do you find that you're never hungry in the morning or you just don't feel like eating something? This is because your looking at food through your sleepy eyes. You're not quite awake enough to consider the health benefits or even plan a decent breakfast! The night before mix up your pancake batter, soak your overnight oats or pre-chop some fruit for blending. That way when you wake up your mouth will be watering at the thought of the tasty, filling meal you have prepped for!

  • Choose a snuggly blanket to keep you warm

But make sure you won't be too warm! Try turning the heat down a degree or two and opt for a warmer blanket. This way your body will thank you for using it's natural heat instead of drying central heating. Your skin and mouth won't feel so dry when you wake up well rested and you'll have that lush cozy glow from being at a naturally comfortable temperature.

  • Drink a glass of water before bed

This keeps your digestive system moving and detoxing from the day. When you sleep is when your body heals and repairs itself so its an excellent time to rehydrate and flush out your system. It just makes your morning pee all the more satisfying (without getting you up in the night!).

  • Set your alarm to something gentle and place it across the room

NOBODY wants to wake up to some buzzer/techno/rooster/morning traffic crap. That just sets me up for a real crabby mood that not even my morning cuppa can heal! check through your phone's alarm sounds for something a little softer and gentler, you could even download some cool sounds from any app store. By setting it across the room means you'll have to get up to turn it up but the softer sound means you won't feel hurried or frantic to turn it off, just calm and at ease.

  • On the contrary, turn off your phone!

so now-a-days phones are pretty smart. you can set them to sleep modes, turn off notifications, sounds, brightness-yep, you name it you can alter it! if your phone can't do this then just turn it off and find a different alarm device. The flasking notification lights and vibrations will keep you awake and even if your in a really deep sleep, your subconscious will register the messages and keep you worrying about it. There is also handy apps that you can download which block notifications between your desired times.

  • Schedule your important plans for the morning.

But don't go overboard! You want a reason to get out of bed and get dressed not a reason to lay all night stressing about your busy morning. Don't forget you have 7 mornings in a week so you can evenly distribute your responsibilities without feeling bogged down.

  • Read a book before bed, NOT YOUR PHONE!

you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times. The light emitting from screens will continue to keep your brain and eyes stimulated for ages after you turn them off and try to go to sleep. That's why you cant just drift off straight away! And depending on what you've been looking at; Facebook, the news, Twitter, your going to be thinking away about it, mulling it over. Also, you can't browse away from a book! note down anything you want to research later.  I find reading a bit of a chore and I won't lie, I am partial to falling asleep on Pinterest or 9Gag but I really want to make a push this year to curl down and read a page or two before turning in.  If I can do it, so can you! 

  • Last but not least, Sleep in total darkness

Turn off all plugs, any standby lights, laptops, computers, damnflashingLEDphonenotifications (!!!) before you go to sleep. Make sure you've got a good set of heavy curtains to block out street lighting and turn off any little lights you've got in your room. While I'm getting ready for bed I like to switch off my main light and flick on my bedside light. its alot softer so it makes me feel all slow and cozy.

That's all my tips that I like to follow. Whats your evening ritual like? Sleep is so important to me as it maintains weight, controls cravings and is optimum time for your body to heal. I LOVE SLEEP! I hope this helps you get your day well on its way.

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