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How to get Balayage hair colour at home

How to get Balayage hair colour at home

How to Balayage at home hollyreed

Balayage is sooo hot. It doesn't seem to go out of style! Its a method of highlighting where you paint the hair individually for a more natural, sun kissed look. It looks great as it grows out too because it is so natural looking.

So if you're one of my subscribers, you would have seen that earlier this week I uploaded a video on hair dying. I'm not an expert I just really enjoy experimenting myself. So I thought I would post a corresponding blog explaining what I did in a little more depth so you can print it off and run to Boots or whatever! 

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT by any means a pro at hair colouring nor do I really know what Im doing so if you follow my tips and it goes horribly wrong then you really can't blame me! If you're really unsure then call into your nearest salon or salon supply store and they can give you better advice.

Exciting times

Are you as excited as I am?!

I used the Garnier Nutrisse Truly Blonde Super Lightener Ultra Light Very Ash Blonde 111+ Permanent Hair Colour (what a mouthful). I bought mine from Superdrug for £5.79. The box here in the UK and Ireland looks a little like this but I think its different in America or Australia. The ash colour will cancel out the red tones. 



Mixing hair dye


Following the instructions inside the box dye, mix up your dye. I mixed mine in a little bowl with a brush because this is how I'd later apply it.


Part your hair


Now begin sectioning your hair. Start with where you normally part your hair (to the side, down the centre etc)  and split it the whole way down the back of your head, into 2 halves.



Then with each side of your hair, divide it from the temple/end of your eyebrow and clip up out of your way. Now if you want, further half this section into a finer, more manageable section.




Starting from the back of your head take sections about the width of your palm and begin to apply the dye. You want to take smaller sections of hair as you move closer to the top of your head.




Taking your dye on the end of your brush, coat the ends of the hair.

Moving up the section only on the outer sides so you create a V with the dye. As you take sections of hair closer to the crown, lightly dab the dye through the middle of the V.


Section your hair


When you get to the top section coat the ends in the V shape but paint thin strips, quite thickly, through the top and your fringe/bangs. Leave about 1 to 2 cm from the root as the dye may swell and travel. It also looks more natural.



time to dye


Leave it on for the allocated time. For my strand test I left it on for 20 minutes and I had no result. When I finished my whole head I left it for the 30 minutes. When my time was up I checked a strand and decided to leave it on for a further 10 minutes,




Blowdry and style as normal!


This is the finished look! I was quite happy with the colour as is wasn't red or brassy and gave me subtle highlights.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out and since creating this highlighted look I have gone a step further and went totally blonde! Have you had any hairy hair dying experiences? Please share with me! You can also watch this process in action on my YouTube Channel.

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