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The Best Life Lessons from Clueless

The Best Life Lessons from Clueless


20 years on from it's release, Clueless is still so relatable! It's my go-to chick flick when I need a pick me up or some girly reasurance. Our girl Cher isn't just about the style and witty one liners. No, in fact Cher is a lot deeper than that! I've rounded up some of my favourite life lessons from Clueless to share with you.

"Never accept a first offer" 

This little gem comes from Cher's dad. While her father fumes over her report card Cher keeps her cool and reminds him that "these grades are just a jumping off point to start negotiations". All though sometimes this advice is impractical, it can still be applied to a lot of things like careers and purchases. Negotiating can be a valuable thing to know when it comes to job contracts or car insurance. Get practicing! 

To help yourself, you must help others! 

Whether it's giving the newbie a makeover or setting up 2 teachers on a date or collecting canned food for charity, helping others gives you a warm fuzzy glow inside. Not only that but by helping others, you can see what parts of your own life needs a little TLC. Why not give your mate a call and see how she's doing? Or walk your elderly neighbour's dog once in a while. You'll feel great knowing you've made someone's day brighter! 

The party lifestyle has it's limits

"It's one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it's quite another to be fried all day." I couldn't have said it better myself Cher! There's nothing wrong with having some fun but when it starts to interfer with your work or school life then you need to call it a day. Besides, everything is better in moderation! And I'm talking about food and late nights not just booze and doobies... 

Even the prettiest girls have moments of self-doubt

You see the pretty, successful, confident, popular girls and you dream to be like them; like nothing phases you. Well as we seen, even perfect Cher has moments where she feels she isn't good enough. Sometimes it's good to have a down day once in a while, it's when they become too frequent that you should seek some help! So next time you look at one of these girls think to yourself "I want to be the best version of myself, like she is!". It's okay to work on yourself and make improvements and changes. 

You can do a lot better than a high school boy! 

Yeah sorry boys! Even if your not in school anymore, you know the kind of guy we mean. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun but at the end of the day you want a guy to appreciate and care for you as much as you idolise him (hearts and linked ames over notebooks, you know what I mean). Also, sweaty hair flipped back under a baseball cap? ew, no.

Paying attention in school pays off

Kick ass in real life with your brains because smart is sexy as Cher proved to us. Hamlet didn't say "to thine self be true", that Polonium guy did! And another thing? If modern day film adaptions help then use them. Drooling over Mel "Hamlet" Gibson or Leonardo "Romeo" DeCaprio makes studying a lot easier on the eye!

There's nothing wrong with waiting

As Cher clears up for us: there is a difference between being a prude and waiting for the right guy. Just because all her friends were either doing it or were "hymenly challenged" Cher always made the point that it's okay to be wait and be picky; "You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet!"

Family can outstand divorce

Sometimes our family go through some pretty tough times. Sometimes it can be especially testing on your folks too. Sometimes families can't work through it and separation (of your folks) is the only option. While I do plan to talk about this a little more in a later post, Cher's father makes an excellent point that helps a lot to remember; "you divorce wives, not children". It's true, What ever happens between your mum and dad, they still love and are for you regardless!  

Thanks to these life lessons, I feel a little less  clueless . There are few good films out there that offer genuine, useful advice! What's your favourite film or piece of advice that you've picked up? 

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