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Revamp your Home: Bring the Outdoors in

Revamp your Home: Bring the Outdoors in


There's no hiding it; I love the outdoors. When I moved from my 6 acre country barn and into a 3 roomed, second floor apartment little could hide that I missed my outdoors. In today's post, Sara* has shared some space-changing tips on creating a bright, organic-inspired home that is relaxed,and soothing by letting as much of the outdoors in as possible! Why not shake up your house or dorm room with these design inspirations? 

Sometimes we all need that extra design inspiration. Even the most competent DIYers and self-stylers can hit creative blocks. Here we explore various schemes that will hopefully inspire you to bring something new and fresh to your home. Our naturalistic ideas are designed to help you capture some of those vibrant, full-of-life outdoor themes and then add them to your living spaces.


Getting creative and moving away from the traditional functions and designs of certain areas in the house can be an exciting way to add something extra to your spaces. These don’t have to be huge projects, but they are guaranteed to add a little fun and creativity to your abode.


Hammocks are playful and interactive pieces of furniture which can free up an abundance of floor space taken up by those old sofas and chairs, as well as providing a great area for all the family to relax in. They’re detachable, comfortable and perfect if you’re short of space or want to provide additional seating areas for guests. Hammocks come in so many designs, shapes and sizes, that no matter whether they’re for a single person, a couple, kids, or the whole family, you certainly won’t miss that old lumpy sofa.


Murals are a inspired way to add a unique and highly individual style to any room. If you’re a bit arty, it’s a perfect way to show off your skills. And if you have youngsters they’ll certainly love getting involved with the creation of these projects. If not, there are many options on the market, from professional designers, to wall canvases. Let your imagination run wild; you can have anything you like climbing your walls, from a single life-giving tree, to a vast enchanted forest. 

Play Areas

These spaces don’t have to be restricted to the garden or locked away upstairs in the spare room, and indoor play areas certainly don’t have to be designed and tailored just for kids to use. There are many child and adult friendly designs and themes available, which will certainly have all the members of the household, no matter what age, engaging in fun activities. And with all that free extra floor space you have from getting rid of the cumbersome furniture, why not indulge your more playful side.

Herb Gardens

Indoor herb gardens can offer you a wonderful alternative, or indeed, accompaniment,  to an outdoor green-fingered patch, which is constantly subject to the perils of our ever changing weather. There are many options for indoor herb plants that mean you’ll never be short of something to grow and show off. They are lots of display options too, and, in particular, a herb wall can look sleek and stylish in the kitchen, adding a vibrant, fresh feel to your kitchen.


If places in your home have a tendency to be on the dark, cave-like side, then introducing more naturalistic light can be a simple yet highly effective way of transforming it’s overall feel. Two sure fire ways of introducing more in to any room, no matter the sizes and position in the house are:


Install some skylights or tubular daylight devices (TDDs). To quote Lindsey M. Roberts from her ideabook specifically on the subject, TDDs "are reflective cylinders or pipes installed between the roof and ceiling, with a clear plastic dome. The bottoms of the tubes are diffused or glazed to prevent glaring beams of light and to ensure a soft glow." These are perfect for those spaces that feel shut in, or have no access to natural light at all, such as hallways or bathrooms. These before and after shots highlight just how natural the effect can look.


If you have a slightly bigger budget, why not add more windows or change the design of your existing windows to include larger, more open frames. It’s a great way to inject authentic natural light to any room. And even better for those secluded or closed off areas like basements, lofts and stairwells.


Creating a more free-flowing space throughout the home and garden is on many of our interior design wishlists. Depending of you budget and personal needs, you could think about embarking on one, or both, of these options:  

Bifold doors

Investing in some external bifold doors allows you to open up a whole new world in your home. The ability to fully mold the two spaces into one fluid environment is not only a fabulous way to indulge in and enjoy the best of both in and outdoor worlds, but is also a sound way to add value to your home.


And after opening up the space, why not then create a place that includes aspects of both your outside and inside areas, offering a seamless transitions to and from, and an extension of,  both environments. Creating a patio or decked area near the main entrance to your garden or courtyard can offer you a wide variety of alfresco lifestyle choices; from dining, to relaxing, to sunbathing, to parties, to play, the options are both endless and priceless to your overall lifestyle and comfort levels. You can decorate it however you want. It could be minimalistic, modern, mediterranean, or you could even have your own tropical island paradise. The choice is yours. And what better way to merge the two areas, truly bringing the outdoors in and vice versa.

There you have it! A really good variety of tweaks you can do to your home to completely change the vibe of it. Personally I love the hammocks idea. Have you any tips or tricks for revamping your space? 

*This post was written by Sara Lamerton on behalf of Creative Doors Direct. This post was sponsored.

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