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Autumn 2015 Bucket List

Autumn 2015 Bucket List


The leaves are starting to change colour and I'm covering up more and more skin everyday which can only means one thing: Autumn is a coming! Today I thought I'd share with you my Autumn Bucket List. There's some things you can only do at this time of year so I'd love to check as many of these off as I can before the first snow fall! 

1. Bake an apple pie

I absolutely love baking apple pies. As mush as I'd love to create a new recipe, a classic hot apple pie can't be beaten at this time of year!  

2. Carve a pumpkin

I have done this every halloween all my life! I love getting my hands dirty with pumkin guts and carving a really crappy scary face into this oversized tea-light holder. 

3. Make some super yummy soups

Well I need a new blender first but tis the season for warm, cozy soups and broths. Potatoes, carrots, squashes, pumpkins, chicken... aw I'm drooling with excitement!

4. Pack away my summer clothes

Cute cut-offs and bikinis take up a lot of room, as much room as cosy winter jumpers so its time to pack'em away and get out the Winter Woolies and snow boots. 

5. Make some Toffee Apple Cupcakes

Every year I make toffee or chocolate apples for the Trick 'o' Treaters but I've never really fancied them myself.  This year I'm going to re-work my tired apple cupcake recipe to include a toffee twist!

6. Plant bulbs for spring

Daffodils, sweet peas.. you name it, I want to plant it! I only have a really small space for my plants outside my appartment but I think some beautiful, fresh spring flowers would really cheer the place up. 

7. Go on a cozy picnic

The grape harvest is coming to an end so I look forward to a chilly, blanket-wrapped picnic under some seasoned trees. How romantic! 

8. Decorate the house

The autumn has always been a big deal in my home; saying thanks for the harvest and the bountiful summer. I love to decorate with crunchy leaf garlands, alter candles and preserved fruit and vegetables. 

9. Movie night! 

There's something so good about curling up in fluffy socks with lots of pillows and blankets to watch a film or two. Throw in some hot chocolate and snacks and you on to a winner!  

10. Stock up the cuboards

So this will be a little tricky for me with 5 people sharing a tiny  kitchen but I always think it's great to stock up on cans and flours etc because you have no idea what the weather will do. I can also assure you that I won't be able to carry my Ikea bag full of food up that effing hill to my house!  

11. Read a good book

If I'm not making heavy use of my (room mate's) Netflix subscription then you'll find me curl up with a good book. I really tried eBooks but it's just not the same, sorry! I also love to take my book on a walk and read under the setting sun until I cant squint anymore. 

12. Try new tea

With the colder weather coming, it means my herbs will alll disappear for a while so I'll be turning to some dried alternatives. I'm very excited to something Camomille or Fennel...not sure yet! 

13. Hot chocolate! 

I love this stuff! I made an amazing Luxury Hot Chocolate on here in January but I've perfected a more modest hot chocolate whichi hope to share with you soon. 

  That's all for my Autumn Bucket List. I look forward to seeing Switzerland through the fall this year and check off a few of these things! Is there anything you'd love to do this Autumn? 

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