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Welcome September


Well where on earth did August go?! It flew by a little too quickly for my liking haha. But in all fairness September is my favourite month because it's still a little warm but it's cooling down, it's a time for new stationary and scented candles.

However the end of September is also the begining of the grape harvest for wine here in Switzerland. This means my poor boyfriend will be working to the unholiest hours of the night as well as weekends. Sigh. 

I actually have one squeeky shutter and when there's a breeze it is just so annoying while I write haha! I'm also having a little writers block so that's why there was no post on Monday like usual.

So anyway, I'm welcoming September in. I have something pretty cool planned this weekend! I'm not sure how cool it will be for you but you'll hear all about it next week.  

So thanks to it being quite a solitary few weeks without my other half here on the evening and weekends, I have decided to devote more time to myself and of course my growing blog.

Actually learn french

Flashback to what ever month in the year I promised to do this haha! You see the thing is is I'm not that bad, I just lack confidence to speak it! So I really want to try a lot more to actually stucture sentances rather than nodding and saying yes repeatedly. If you have any tips, do share! 

Perfect my blogging routine

I'm almost in the swing of things. I like to post 4 times a week and do this that and the other in my day. I know tha if I'm more comefortable in my routine and to-do's then it will free up my day greatly! I'm getting there but I'm just worrying about the holiday season when I will be super busy!

Treat myself once in a while  

Believe it or not I have been on a bit of a spending ban for a few months. What started out as an attept to cut down on unnecessary spending and starting to save a little bit sort of got addictive! But not only has it curbed my senseless spending, it also let me appriciate what I've got and getting back in touch with some of my old favourites. I also realised that it's good to treat yourself and splurge a little, only within reason of course! 

I think it will do me the world of good to have some personal downtime for a while. It will be a month of focusing on things without any distractions (which really is a blessing in disguise). 

Do you have any plans or goals for September? Let me know in the comments below! 

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