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Welcome August

Welcome August

welcome august

August is here! My blog is will be 8 months old and we will soon be stocking up on the winter woolies. I can't believe how quickly this year has flown in! I have done so much and yet so little but still so much more to do.

Today is also Swiss National Day so I hope my Swiss readers will be celebrating on my behalf while I am away! Hey do you want to know a perk of living in Switzerland? Well the flag is a big plus! Haha! I'm terrible. I'm sorry!

So anyway, upon reviewing my July Goals I can safely say I achieved none of them. Well I probably did and I'm just not thinking about it but I have spent half this month in Ireland which has been quite a difficult time in terms of running my blog and all that.

I will be back in Switzerland next week so I am so glad to get back to normality.  My goals for this month will be all about getting back on track and refocusing my final few months of the year.

For this month, my goals are:

1. Get back to blogging

It's been a weird 2 weeks being back home. I've been so busy visiting friends and family and catching up on home life (hello Coronation omnibus?!). I look forward to getting back to my 4 blogs a week, twitter chats and link parties! I missed you fellow bloggers!

2. Enjoy the last bit of summer

This month is often the nicest months of the year but it is the start of the decline to autumn weather. I want to be soaking up all the sun I can get, swim in the cooling water as much as I can and eat all the ice cream I can get. The hot weather is so exciting with all the summery fruits growing in the hedge rows. What's not to love?

3. Pick up some more books

Between audiobooks and ebooks I'm definitely finding more time for reading. Reading is a great way to not only open your mind but to also give you a break from your mind. I think its quite nice to take a moment to yourself and learn something new. Have you any reading recommendations?

I'm excited for August! There's lots of exciting things happening in my life and I can't wait to share it with you as I go along. What's your plans for this month?

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