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Grow your hair long and strong

Grow your hair long and strong


Good afternoon! If you've been reading my posts since January or even if you've just shuffled through them then you would have seen my post about getting balayage highlights at home. I had spent 4 years growing out a cropped hair cut to get it to that length and thickness. I loved being able to plait and style it anyway I could! 


Anyway, in February (I think), I was behind on my blonde hair keep-up and for some bizzarre notion I decided to go back to brunette...and cut it *gulps* . Oh good lord I do not know why! I tied it in a low ponytail and cut it into a long bob. Then like 2 weeks or so later I cut it into a jaw-length, straight bob. 


Sigh. But on saying that, it is at my collar bone and i can tie it back into a horribly fluffy, mini ponytail (Go me!).  

So on that note, I thought I'd share with you some of my tips that I use to keep my hair healthy while growing it out! 

1. Always brush your hair before you wash it. 

Wet hair is weaker so I always make the point to give it a run though while my shower is warming up. This makes it easier to get the products through it. I don't detangle my hair after my shower until it's almost dry but more on that laterzz. 

2. Don't wash your hair everyday, condition instead! 

I wash my hair like twice a week with shampoo and conditioner. But while in my daily shower if I decide to wet my hair I always lather on some conditioner to the lengths of my hair and keep it on for the duration of the shower.

3. Skip the towel, go for a cotton t-shirt instead. 

Ha Ha yeah I'm turning into one of those nutty Pinterest gals! But this one is for real though. okay, actually I don't know if this makes a huge difference or not but I do feel my hair is less frizzy and feels less strained when I do that turban thang us girls can do. So yeah I picke up a two quid t-shirt and replaced my hair towel and now I'm a new woman! Or at least my hair is... 

4. Let your hair air-dry once in a while! 

Yeah, sure sometimes you're in a rush or you just don't want to be hanging around with wet hair for an age but it's always great to take a break from the heat tools once in a while. I love to leave my hair wrapped in my t-shirt for a while until it's almost dry then I comb it out and let it do it's thing! Trust me, you hair will thank you for it!  

5. Embrace your natural texture. 

I got my first pair of straighteners when I was 12 (I still have them today!) and I straightened or curled my hair with them everyday through all 6 years of secondry school.  If my hair could cry, it would! It wasn't until I started battling the Great British elements on my bike on my way to uni did i really stop giving a crap. Now the only time I use them is for days I want to feel extra pretty or for special occasions. I'm sure my ole straighteners are glad of the break too! If you want, you could opt for a smoothing serum or a DIY Surf Spray just to help your natural texture along.

6. Skip the elastics.

What?! Ha ha yep! I have given up hair bobbles, ties, scrunchies, ponies, bands; you name it, I have gifted it to my rugged boyfriend. It was mostly because my hair was so short that I couldn't tie it up anyway but after switching to a big butterfly clip I noticed broken hair and split ends are fewer and that halo of fuzz is flattening.

7. Up your water intake! 

Biotin this, multivit that. If you want long or even just healthy hair water is what you want to be consuming! I upped my water intake to about 2 liters a day and my hair is glossy, skin plump and nails long and strong. I'm pretty sure there is a more scientific explaination of this but my understanding is that if your body is 60% water than surely your hair will be affected by dehydration.

I hope some of this makes sense. Hair growth can be a long and slow process and no amount hot oil baths and head stands can change the natural rate of growth but it can improve the conditions! As long as you remember that your hair is part of your body so it's going to do it's own thing so sit back and enjoy the ride. Anyway, I'm off to brush my hair 100 times with a boar bristle brush. Ha ha I'm kidding! 

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