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5 Tips for Making Friends in University

5 Tips for Making Friends in University

The results are out and your definitely going to University! But once the celebrations have worn off the nerves  and worry begin to ebb at the edges of your mind. How on earth do I make friends? Don't worry, I'm going to spill my tips on making friends at university! 

1. Use interests as ice-breakers  

The best way to break the ice with a new crowd is to talk about something you know and are interested in. Music is always a great one; mention a band or song you like and before you know it you're swapping funny anecdotes while blaring the beats. Wireless speakers are great because your new buddy can connect to them too! Besides, what isn't wireless nowadays?   

2. Be friendly and approachable

This might seem like the dumbest tip ever but unfortunately it's not something we think about! Everyone is super nervous when they start, and they're all thinking the same things as you are. Keep your body language relaxed and open, open the doors for people, be polite, offer to help out with projects and homework. If you're genuinely nice people with want to be a genuine friend of yours.

3. Be up for anything! 

 Obviously this is within reason! Univerity is such a social place that it's hard not to make friends!  There is always a meet up going on somewhere; at the coffee shop, the bar, the beach, the park, someone's kitchen. You name it, I chilled there haha! University is a great time to try new things. If someone invites you somewhere or even if they mention wanting to do something then go and do it! Why not get out there and give it a go? Who know's what great friends and memories you'll make?

4. Join a club or a group (yes, Facebook counts!) 

It can be something your interested in or maybe even something new! It's a great way to meet like-minded people. Also a lot of these groups meet up off campus or have nights out which is great if you feel more comefortable out of the classrooms. Bake everyone a batch of chewy cookies, who doesn't love cookies (or the girl who brings cookies)? You can join Facebook groups for anything now! From your dorm floor to a campus building. This is great for sourcing help or advice or just a midnight pizza run! I had joined one for the private group of student houses and it was the best thing I ever did! Um, hello? Dominos? 10 pizzas please... 

5. Make your room a welcoming place

A nice room can make a huge change to your confidence. Bringing friends over or setting up study sessions in a comfy, cozy room makes all the difference. If your not sure what to pack I have a great post on it here. Also, when your in your room the general rule of uni is Door open = come in and chat, I'm free . Door closed = I'm busy or need some quite time. Don't disturb unless necassary.  Having a welcoming room is definately a huge help for making friends at university!

I hope some of my tips have inspired you or at least reminded you how easy it actually is to make friends. Just remember; it is scary and it's okay to feel scared and nervous. Take a few deep breaths and try to think that every other fresher in the country feels the same way right now . Hey if you ever need to chat then give me a shout! I found it tough but I soon go the hang of it. Have you got any tips on making friends at University? Share them below!

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