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4 simple ways to get more Instagram Followers

4 simple ways to get more Instagram Followers

Today's pos t is in fact, inspired by my sister! I was on skype with her and she asked me about my Instaram. She wanted to know how I took such great pictures, how I edited them and how I tagged them. I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea what I'm doing but I must be doing something right because I'm getting around the clock likes, comments and follows.

Wow that sounded like major bragging haha! But the actual reality of it is I do the same thing as everyone else. I only have like 260 followers with like an average of 30+ likes and I've had my Instagram for yeeeeaars. 

But for one post only I shall share with you my Instagram secrets for how to take, how to edit and how to tag your Instagram photos. Aarrre ye rrready kids? Aye aye, Holly! Lame. 

Get the right shot

We all know that Instagram has little perfectly square 1x1 photos which isn't always ideal for most 3x4 or 4x3 photos our phones take. You can always crop them after the photo is taken or use the Instagram camera to take your photo. What I like to do when I'm taking a photo is line it up in the Instagram app but take it on my phone's camera. This gives me a little more room to play with for editing. Rule of thirds is a great tip to remember (see?I really was paying attention in class, Mr. Boyce!). Your main focus doesn't have to be centered; it can be left or right, above or below the center of the grid. Play around with it till you fiind what looks good. Each shot is different! 

Skip Valencia, edit with these apps

Is Valencia still a filter? I haven't used an Instagram filter in sooo long I cant actually remember! Cringe. Anyway, there is a shit-load of apps out there that can make a truely unique photo. I use VSCO Cam (who doesn't?!) for filters and Aviary for typical touch-ups, blemish-fixes and watermarks. Candy Camera is also great. Like I said, there's loads of apps out there so browse and download a few to see what works for you.

Tag smart or don't tag at all (!)

Well that sounded threatening! Did you know the maximum number of tags you can add is 30. So if you ever wonder why you tagged the crap out of a photo only to see they all disappeared then it's probably because you added too many tags. But what do I tag? Gosh, flashbacks to teaching my mum how to Instagram. Wel the problem here is a lot of these kinds of posts are like just see what your fave Instagrammer tags! But a lot of popular people won't need to tag at all. If you're a blogger tags like #FBlogger or #BBlogger are great. Tagging what's in the photo as well as similar tags so if it's an #OOTD then tag the shirt, where the skirt came from and the style of the shirt. My Instagram if chocca with tags so go and check it out for some inspiration!  

Post frequently

This should be a given but people will unfollow you if your posts are sporadic (Cher would be so proud of me for using it in a sentance ). I swear, I post every day but if I miss an upload I loose like 3 followers OMG. Anyway, people want to stay in the loop of your life so uploading regularly keeps 'em happy! Sad really, isn't it? But yes, frequent posting = happy followers! 👍

That's my weath of Instagram knoledge exhausted I'm afraid!  I hope this post was of some use to you. You can check out my Instagram  (@theladylifeblog) for inspiration if you want. Got a tip? Share it below! 

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