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Why I'm not Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Why I'm not Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I won't lie, I am just as nosey as everyone else when it comes to sneaking a peak into celeb's lives. But funnily enough I have never got into the Kardashians. I mean I had a pretty low opinion of them already; I'd seen the sex tapes and the scadals so I assumed the show would be like another one of those Housewives shows so I wanted to spare myself.

I also don't really keep up with celebrity news. Like I still thought Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were together until I wrote my previous post on Taylor's style (not her Harry Styles... Haha). She's dating Calvin Harris now? I didn't even know that's what he looked like omg. Anyway back to the Kardashians.

When the whole Bruce/Caitlyn thing came about I was genuinely interested. I'm quite a placid and accepting person so nothing really phase's me. Particulary this whole gender/sexuality thing that's going on at the moment. As long as you're a good person and pleasent to me, I will return the respect regardless of the gender in your pants or in your heart or who you lie beside at night! 

(***Sidenote: Is Caitlyn pronouced "Kate-lyn" or "Catch-lyn" because I have friends called the gaelic pronounciation of "catch-lyn" and my sister tells me its "kate-lyn"...I'm very confused) 

But what interested me most about Caitlyn was not her personal transition but the expeience of her family, the Kardashians. I've been there for friends coming out to their families and for my own upheavals in my family. I really feel that be it a death, a divorce or gender transitioning it is still a huge, distressing upheaval for anyone's family. Yes each circumstance is entirely different but how it affects the close family is very similar. I wanted to know how a family, who were in the public eye so much, were going to cope or take the news.

My detective skills lead me to watching the most recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians, season 10. I didn't know where to start but I figured they document their life so Bruce's news was bound to be in there somewhere. And I was right.  

I learned so much in those 13 episodes, you would not believe. The family I watched were not the family I knew. I didn't even know there was a Kourtney?! Kim wasn't a money-driven slut, Kloe wasn't an overweight, diet-obsessed mess, Kylie wasn't a too-cool-for-skool, mature teenager, Kendall wasn't a model with an eating disorder and Kris wasn't some slack, boozy mother. That is how the media had portrayed them and how I had believed them to be for years. I felt ashamed. 

I watched as Kim (and Kanye) struggled to concieve her second child, doing everything she could all the while working on her other projects such as that app game thing and managing the clothing store the girls own.  All the while looking after and nuturing her beautiful baby, North.

Kloe was a fun, caring sister to her siblings while they had relationship problems and was a shoulder to cry on. She tried to sober up Kourtney's mess of a boyfriend to spare her and their children a whole ordeal. She even went helli-skiing with Kylie when she was strugging with the news of her father. 

Kylie, very much like my own similarly aged sister, is just a teenage girl trying to find her self. She argues with her mum and trys to rebel but underneath her untouchable outer layer, she's still her daddy's little girl trying to make her mark in the world.  

Kendall isn't seen very much because she's so busy. A hard-working international model with her own friends and life, she's always out and about but never fails to make time for her family.  

Kris has done a wonderful job. If my mum wasn't as good as she is, I'd probably hope for someone like Kris to take on the roll. She struggles with Kylie lashing out and her attempts to rebel and become independent but I think she handles the situation flawlessy. She keeps cool and calm and manages each of the girls individually and lovingly. She wants nothing but the best for them. 

As a whole, these people are very much a family. Stronger than some families I know! I'm not going to talk about Caitlyn's transformation nor even the effects on the family because I was so amazed at how normal, happy and supportive each of them were for one another that I couldn't pass judgement or hearsay on them. 

I really feel that if you haven't watched Season 10 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians then I strongly recommend you do because there are 2 very interesting and heart wrenching episodes about Bruce telling his family and how they react and treat the situation. The girls take him shopping, help with Caitlyn's wardrobe, share pedicure advice...it's amazing to see it. If you have never seen anything to do with the Kardashians then you should definitely watch these 13 episodes before you make up your mind. 

If your more up todate than me, you would've seen the elusive Kourtney and her man, Scott have split up. Now I don't really know a lot and I did say I wouldn't pass judgement but from what I seen of Scott from that season I really think he is a tosspot for putting his pregnant, then newborn, through such an ordeal! He is a very selfish and inconsiderate man and I hope he wakes up (I didn't like him right from the off anyway) . 

I just really wanted to share my thoughts on the Kardashians since they are never out of the news.I think from now on I will never believe the bullshh that taboids are feeding us and if I see something about them that I must comment on then it will be a nice, purely sincere comment.  Sure, they do some crazy things that aren't to my taste and maybe I'm naive for believing it but I like to believe they are genuine. This family is exacly that; a family. A family made up of real humans who have their own ups and downs. I feel that if you wouldn't say it about a member of your own family then you shouldn't say it about them. Thanks for the entertainment and life lesson guys!

What's your thoughts? Share them below! 

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