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Sunday Summary || 19th July 2015


It's another beautiful sunny Sunday here. We've enjoyed some lemon-drizzled crepes for breakfast and the house is all tidy (except for a good hooverin'). I thought while I have a spare moment I would update you on some bits and pieces.

It's been a bit of a wierd week for bloggers...with the good weather and summer holidays, traffic has been a little slow. Which can be a little discouraging in all honesty but I'm still going to stick to my 4 posts + Sunday week plan but just up my social media game. MAN IT IS SO HARD. I honestly don't know how people have so much to share! I'll update my Instagram if I remember but my Facebook and Twitter get a little neglected. Don't worry, I'll get there! 

My week has been pretty boring. Mostly stockpiling posts and photos o share while I'm away in Ireland. Of course I can still post when I'm there but I like to be prepared because I'm going to be pretty busy (stay tuned!). 

Typing with long nails is so hard but YAY for finally growing out!  

I have a few projects to do this week actually. Trust me to take on a huge workload while I'm traveling. But you will get to see soon. 

Do you know what I have been loving this week?! Hash Browns. Like the homaemade good stuff. Maybe its because I'm trying to burn through a sack of potatoes before I leave but OMG the crispy potatoe-y goodness. hahh yay carbs! 

I'm going to miss the heat, the sun and the lake for 2 weeks but *sigh* I must go and visit the family. No, that I don't mind, It's cold rainy Ireland that I'm really  looking forward to. Not.

But if any of you are in Gatwick Airport on the 22nd (this Wednesday) or in Ireland from there after, lt me know!  

Anyway, I must go make some hash browns and bake a wee cake before I pop down to the lake. Make sure you're following me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all my exciting things this week! I wish you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead! 

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