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The Summer Tag


Ah the summer! A time to be lounging in swimwear, sipping sweet drinks and eying some eyecandy from behind your sunglasses. I was tagged by Anna Maria from On The Edge to answer 14 questions on my summer! I'll continue the tag with my favourite bloggers who will answer the questions next! Be sure to check them out and tell them "Holly sent me!"

The questions: 

1. What is your favourite summer drink to sip on? 

Well it's pretty hard to beat a cold, crisp white wine with my lunch out in the sun but on a night out I still favour a Vodka and Black(current) or Soda Water and Lime. But as for hands down, my summer essential cocktail? It has to be an ice cold Mojito with freshly picked mint from my garden. An undeniably refreshing summer sipper! 

2. What is your favourite clothing Item?

In Ireland? My grey wollie Jumper! In Switzerland? Either my lace Topshop shorts that I featured here. Anything that is cool and soft and pretty then I'm in! you can see my summer lookbook here or check out my Zoella inspired lookbook here! I pretty much live in bikini's in the summer too. 

3. What's your favourite summer accessory? 

I'd have to pick my Accessorise Cat Eye sunglasses. I think they're little small for me so they press on my nose a little but they are sooo cute! I also love my big white shopper tote I got from Primark. It's so handy for going shopping with my friends or packing in my beach things in there too. 

4. What is your favourite summer body spray or perfume? 

I'm more of a perfume gal than bodyspray really. If it's not my Channel No. 5 dripped behind my ears before a dinner party then it's Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue spritzed, delecately surrounding me before stolling to the lake. 5th Avenue is a more earthy floral scent so it's not sickeningly sweet. Perfect for me!  

5. Summer equals crazy hair! What is your must-have styling product? 

I can't live without my DIY Summer Surf Spray! It's great for creating careless messy curls that still look cute and polished. It's also a saviour for taking me from pool to party with no time to flick on the curling wand! Also an intensive conditioner; I don't wash my hair everyday but I do wet it and apply conditioner to the ends while im having my daily post-A.M.- workout shower. With the sunshine and humid air you want to restore lost condition as much as possible!

6. What's your favourite summer polish?  

Well didn't you just read my mind?! I'm currently working on my favourite summer nudes collection so I will share that with you soon. I'm not a huge nail polish person in the summer because it's too hot to sit and do. But I love a nice coral pink or a good strengthening clear polish to keep my long nails neat.

7. What's your favourite summer-proof product?  

Hmm I don't really have one... But you can't go wrong with Vaseline, little wipes and Suncream! I always carry these with me so if my shoes start to rub or lips chap I can slick some Vaseline on or if I'll be in the sun a while I can keep my SPF topped up. The wipes are handy for panda eyes or sticky hands. You can't really go wrong! Haha

8. What is your favourite lip colour this summer? 

I've really been loving silky, pink nudes this summer. Totally paring it right back with my makeup and amping up the glowy skin with soft nude lips...perfect!  This Nude lipstick is perfect from L'oreal, I love it! 

9. What's your favourite blush for summer? 

I've delved back into my Bourjois collection and got back in touch with shade no. 95 Jasper Rose which you can see my flaunting in this fresh-faced tutorial here. I'm not really a blush person during summer because I always have such a natural flush. But if anything, it's got to have a shimmer or be creamy..heeello glowing skin!

10. What is your essential summer beauty product? 

Well not your "standard" beauty product but I'm going to say water! Staying hydrated is a huge beauty must all year round but esspecially in the summer months. Dehydrated shin looks dull and flaky, your hair looses it's luster and your nails become more brittle.  ew.    So I am always sure to get in a couple litres of the good stuff in a day. I also always make sure to carry a bottle of water on me at all times and keep refilling it. You look ten times more naturally  beautiful by making a few simple, healthly changes to your day!

11. What is your favourite summer candle? 

This is an oddly easy one actually! I don't typically care for brands and whether or not it's organic soy something or other as long as it is Citronella-scented. I have these littered around my bedroom to keep the mozquitos at bay, a must for the summer time! I also love coconut ones too! Malibu and pinapple, anyone?? 

12. Your favourite spots for vacation? 

Yeah I don't take near enough holidays! But as much as I love a good, sunny beach holiday, I also love a good camping trip or just a family day out. My favourite thing to do in the summer is to go with my whole family (grandparents, cousins, the lot!) to this seaside town called Portrush. We'd spend the day playing on the shorefront and spending our pocket money on sweets and arcade games and Maud's ice cream. Then we'd go to Barry's, an amusement park complete with rollercosters, ghost trains and my personal favourite; the Waltzer. As the sun sets we get a bag of hot chips and sit on the steps watching the sun disapear into the water before we fall alseep in the car on the way home. A great day all around! 

13. Any picture quote that inspires you this summer? 

So i'm not hugely into inspirational qoutes photo things... I have a big aul pinterest bored full of them but I never bother looking. But for the sake of it I did find one I liked. Also, I am horrified by how many depressing "inspirational quotes" there are! "Must get skinny for summer." is not a very positive quote to stick ontop of a damn sunset?! What?!  Anyway, my summer has been all about trying new things and getting over fears so I think this one is great! 


14. Have published any blogs regarding summer? 

I have a few ones. I try to keep my posts timeless but I do have Fresh Faced makeup tutorial and a Summer Look Book. I also have a post on packing for a holiday in a carry-on as well as some health related, fitness and de-stress posts which are all pretty interestion to read too.   


That's all the questions for the Summer Tag, asked to me by Anna Maria from On The Edge. check out her post to see her answers! I guarentee you will have a giggle hehe!  

As for me, I will end this post here but not without tagging these bloggers to answer these questions next:  

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Good luck girls!  

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