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How to actually enjoy exercise

How to actually enjoy exercise


A chore worse than pairing socks and washing dishes has to be exercising . I think it's because we know we can avoid it because it won't make a huge difference compared to dirty clothes and plates (even though it really does!). 

Every morning I wake up like ugh knowing I have to go for my (very peppy-sounding) Morning Mountain Walk! But I have worked out a few kinks to get me moving and help me enjoy working out mores . So today I am going to share them with you! 

1. Lay out your workout clothes (or sleep in them!) 

I think I metioned this in a post about how to have a healthier day. But before I go to bed I leave out my gear so they are the first thing I put on in the morning. Why is it so hard to go from normal clothes to workout clothes?! What makes it even better is they are all bright pink and co-ordinated! So getting some super cute workout gear means your going to want to wear it just to show it off!

2. Record improvements

If you've got a goal in mind like weight loss or a 5k or something, that's a really good focus point. But if your like me and you are just doing it to keep healthy then this tip is for you! I get bored hella quick so I like to make notes of improvements and try to beat my records. If I can do my 2.5k route in less time than last time then I am a happy bunny! Also feeling less out of breath this time around? Write it down and high-5 yourself!

3. Reward yo' self! 

When I first started trying to make exercising a thing I rewarded myself like a puppy doing tricks. If I go for a walk twice this week I will treat myself to a lipstick. If I walk twice and do a workout the next week I'd get that top from H&M and so on. As long as your not using food as a reward then your A-Okay! Exercise (and shopping) will become your new priority!

4. Try a fun workout

Zumba, Piloxing, jump-ercise, pilates, yoga...you name it, I've tried it! But that is half the fun of it. If you have a gym membership and it include classes then try not try a new one? If your unsure and think you'll embarrass yourself then try it out at home on Youtube first but most of the fun is trying it out and laughing about it later. Some I hated but others I'd definietly do again. Youll meet new people or have a laugh with a mate, it's win-win really.

Sure, I have my off days were exercising just ain't all that fun but hey you get the swing of it. You can also add fruit to your water, recurite a workout buddy even try recreating a funny dance video! How do you make exersise more enjoyable? 


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