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The best Beauty Dupes and Budget Buys

The best Beauty Dupes and Budget Buys

With so many bloggers and Youtubers raving about particular products, it's hard not  to want them! But for a lot of us normal folks spending £40 on an eyeshadow palette and £20 on a mascara is a little out of our price range!

But that's okay! If you can't afford these highend products then that is totally cool and I don't want you to go feeling all glum about it. I won't lie, I have given into the hype before and I have been disappointed sometimes! Personally, I prefer an awful lot of highstreet/drugstore makeup over highend anyway so I have trialed and errored a plenty.

Naked Vs. Undressed


First on my list is the Urban Decay Naked palette. I am pretty sure this has become both a classic and a staple item for most people. But at £34 the Naked palette is a lot to save up for. You wouldn't believe my excitement when I found this dupe-tastic gem from Superdrug. Makeup Academy (MUA) Undressed palette costs a smart £4. So you can achieve that "I'm a Makeup Artist" caliber of makeup without breaking the bank. What's more amazing is this shadow doesn't apply like it cost four bucks. It's well pigented, blends seamlessly and has minimal fallout. What's not to love? You can pick up that Venti Machiatto with your change on the way home now. Yay! 

Roller Lash Vs. Lash Sensational  


When Elle magazine had that free sample of Benefit Roller Lash the beauty world went crazy! Promising to curl and define lashes on a whole new level had everyone astounded. I'm not sure why. but I just wasn't feeling it. Although £19.50 isn't too bad a price, why cough up when you can get one that's pretty much the exact same for £7.99?! I've seen application pictures of the Roller lash and I can't say I'm that impressed. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is incredibly overlooked but it's catching on! Better yet, you can read my full review of the Lash sensational as well as my application photos here.

Touche  Éclat Vs. Lumi Magique


You know, I was always a huge believer that the YSL Touche Éclat was unmatchable buuuut I may have been swayed. At £25 a pop thats a lot  to spend on concealer. As someone who applies makeup to clients, Touche Éclat is always in my kit but for my day to day makeup bag I am loving the L'oreal Lumi Magique HIghlighter Pen is a pretty amazing dupe! Use alone to brighten and highlight areas or apply over your foundation and/or concealer to brighten your undereyes. This classy looking little gold pen is a steal at only £8.49!

It's pretty crazy to think that you can completely stock your makeup bag with all these dupes for £20.48 from Superdrug. That's less than the Naked palette or the Touche Éclat and only 98p more than the Roller Lash! Have you any dupe secrets? 

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