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Style Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Style Inspiration: Taylor Swift


Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? If it's not her life affirming attitude, her sassy songs or her adorable pets then you've got to admire her style. Miss Swift has the air of a post-WW2 young woman mixed with the skinny jean, loafer-loving youths of today. And that is a pretty wide selection to cover! 

Here are some of my favourite outfits of Taylor's and where you can purchase a few key pieces. However many of her clothes are quite one-of-a-kind and often out of stock so to dress like Swifty, you gotta be Thrifty!

(That was terrible, moving swiftly  on)

The Shorts

Shorts are a big thing in Taylor's wardrobe. From tight hotpants to cool kaki paperbags, This girl has got them all! She often pairs her super cute shorts with a long sleeved top and some killer high sandles (and of course the cute tote).

The Playsuit


I absolutely love this outfit of hers! You can actually get this Rachel Zoe Romper from Bloomingdales. That's going on my wish list! Miss Swift loves a little playsuit number, often pairing it with some bold accessories like the turquoise pumps she wore here. A change from a red lip, her silky nude shade with her soft curls are so classy. P.S thats her exact bag!!! Adding it to my wishlist too!

The Shirt-Dress

Swift is quite the fan of a good shirt dress. I particularly liked this silk Micheal Kors dress which naturally flew off the shelves. She also has quite the collection of brógs  or oxfords to all you non-gael speakers. I thought these from beyondtherack.com were very Taylor-esque.

Tay Swift has such a huge, beautiful wardrobe and I think it's so cute that her bodyguard carries her real  handbag for her so she can tote around these adorable bags (I wonder would my BF do that for me...). Team your Taylor-inspired outfit with some loose curls and a red lip and your ready to go! Steal more of Taylor's style at StealHerStyle.com. Who's your style inspo at the moment? 

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