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The Home Alone To-Do List

The Home Alone To-Do List


Nothing is sweeter than the silence of an empty house. That satisfying final lock click as you yell goodbye to who ever just left for a few hours or the peaceful silences that reverberates back when you call out "I'm home! Anyone here?" and no-one replys. Don't get me wrong, I love my busy house and the banter that accompanies 2 couples residing together but I definitely enjoy indulging in little things like not locking the door on the bathroom (amongst other things) when I'm home alone.

When several people live together there is always someone coming or going or simply staying put so there is nothing wrong with enjoying a little down time when you have the chance. Here area few simple pleasures you can do when the oppertunity arises: 

1. Pee with the door open

(Or simply unlocked if you prefer.) Jumping right in with this one! But there is nothing wrong with it, it is A-Okay to use the facilities in your own home without snibbing the door. Sometimes we just ain't got time for that! 

2. Listen to your guilty pleasure playlist

WITHOUT HEADPHONES! Nothing gets you pumped quite like your favourite songs but somethings they are just too unsavoury for others to hear and your entire reputation could be at stake! Be free now, my friend. Play your Justin Beiber or Enya and sing along 'til your heart's content! 

3. Wear your PJ's

Whether your just out of bed or your just home and putting them back on, there is nothing quite like the comfort level of pyjamas. When I'm not on my own I don't like to put mine on until an appropriate time (which is not noon, sadly). Do you sometimes change from one set to another? *raises hand*

4. Wear few to no clothes

Nothing is more annoying than dashing from the bathroom in a towel or changing in a steamy room after a shower. Well now you can parade in your cute undies (or no undies, if you please) . Or you can just chill in that oversized t-shirt/jumper with no trousers, no one's gonna judge you!   

5. Eat what you want, when you want

Dessert for breakfrast? Breakfast for dinner? Why not? are you hungry at 2pm? Nab something to eat, you don't have to wait for others to eat. You can have as many cups of tea as you want without having to make one for everyone else a cup too! Woo! 

6. Take a reeeeeeeeeally long bath/shower

Relax and unwind without that anxious thought in the back of your mind that someone has to pee. Pop on a facemask and listen to that playlist and leave the door unlocked and reeelaaax. 

7. Watch a cringy movie (or two) 

I watched Shrek. Not just one, all of them. Ha ha I am not even kidding! I also love Clueless and Mean Girls. Oh and the Bring It On movies. I don't care what others think about the show I'm watching but to have the freeedom to laugh at the bad jokes or cry and really silly things makes the movie like 10000000x better! 

8. Sing loudly

I am always singing or humming or have music on, it makes the quiet feel more colourful! But I'm not about to start belting out Queen or Florence and the Machine in the shower or while cooking when I have a house full of other busy people! Cringe.  


What guilty pleasures do you like to inulge in when you have th place to yourself?  You really feel so much better after taking some time for yourself!

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