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The Gratitude Journal: 5 minutes to total happiness

The Gratitude Journal: 5 minutes to total happiness


For the last month or so I have embarked on a new, different kind of journey. A 5 minute journey to happiness. You would not believe what taking some you  time can do. Today I'm going to tell you all about my Gratitude Journal  and how you can create your own!


What the eff is a Gratitude Journal?

Well, my friends, that is the made up name I gave to the notebook next to my bed! Okay really though, the idea is that to take 10 minutes out of your day (5mins in the a.m. , 5 mins in the p.m) to answer some specific questions. It's a subconious trick, really. You start to notice more of the good things in your day because that's what your focusing on, inviting in. You still following? Good.

I like the sound of this, where do I get one? 

Big Wigs have already coined the idea and charge you like $40 for a 6 month journal. Hey I'd be a lot more grateful if I wasn't being robbed blind! So here is my secret. I will share with you my 5 questions and you will recieve instant happiness. Okay that's not how it works.


Well how does it work then?

It's a gradual thing I'm afraid! But I did notice a change in my moods after the first week of doing it. I can't really explain it, you just have to try it. But I felt happier, fresher...more energised and motivated. Hey for the sake of spending 10 minutes  in your day on you , those are some pretty tempting results! 

All you have to do is as soon as you wake up answer the Morning Questions  then just before you go to sleep answer the Evening Questions . I like to draw little suns and moons next to them!

So what are the questions? 

Well, before your start, on the first page of your notebook lets just get some intentions straight okay? 

Writing in this journal is important to me because: 

  1. ...  (My answer: I am commiting to time for me .)
  2. ...  (My answer: I am creating some much needed distopline!)
  3. ... (My answer: I want to design and create my own life)  

Okay now we can begin...

In the morning, draw your sun, write your date and put down the first question: 

☀ I am grateful for: (3 things) 

  1. ...  (My warm bed and a good night's sleep)
  2. ...  (My dedication and perserverance)
  3. ...  (My caring, supportive S.O.) 

The only rule is that you can't say things like  the doctors finding cures or the aid sent to suchandsuch. It has to affect you personally. Maybe it's something you don't even notice like the bloke in the coffee shop who always has your order ready because your always running late or someone refiling the loo roll. I always like to include a personal attribute. Sometimes Im grateful for my Endless Energy and then at the end of the day I'm like woah, I got so much done today .       

☀What would make today great? (3 things) 

  1. ...  (Feeling healthy and energised)
  2. ...  (Keeping a calm mind)
  3. .. . (Working hard)

Same again, keep it personal, things you can control and work at. So things like good weather and world peace don't count! Think about you, what would make you great today? Earier bedtime? A workout? Catching up with an old friend? Standing up for yourself? You decide what would make today great, be the master of your own fate! 

☀ Daily Affirmations

*Insert yours here*

(I am a strong, independant, confident woman, living the lifestyle of my dreams with a successful career. )

Now to finish your morning, set your intention. Above is my current one because it covers all the aspects in my life that I want to achieve. Repeating your Affermations to yourself throughout the day or at least once daily kicks your subconious into gear and you start doing thing, connecting the dots, believing in yourself until you have achieved your goal! Cool, eh? I know mine is a little cheesy and cliché  sounding but it's something to aspire towards, you know?


Now before you curl up and go to sleep, pull out your Journal and answer your Night Time questions! 

🌛 3 amazing things that happened today:

  1. ... (I called an old friend and caught up) 
  2. ... (I took some amazing photos for my site) 
  3. ... (I dealt this a situation calmly and logically) 

If you havent got the jist yet, keep these ones personal too! When you first try to think of 3 things, very little will come to mind but when you really think about it, lots of amazing things happened to you today. Maybe someone thought on you or you tried something new. It doesn't have to be a big thing because even the little things add up! 

🌛 What could've made made today better?

*Insert statement here* 

(Speaking more confidently in my presentation, If I spoke up about what was wrong, not feeling anxious around people etc) 

Now this isn't an oppertunity to hate on yourself. This is an oppertunity to look at what you can improve on.  Give it some real thought and you can think about how you can work on it tomorrow, a new day! 


Those are all the questions you have to think about in order to change your mindset and welcome in more happiness and gratitude. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and a notebook and start living a better life! You will soon see how much you have to live for and how full your life actually is or how to scuplt it into the life you want to have.

If you try out this journalling technique why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below? 

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