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Welcome May

Welcome May

Welcome may Monthly goals focus blog

May is always such a great month; schools finish up for summer, fruits are coming into season and the sun is warming up. What's not to love? I'm starting off this month with a trip back to Ireland. It's going to be lovely to see my family and friends again! This month is also my Other Half's birthday and I absolutely love to surprise him every year so I have to get thinking.

April really flew in, like one minute we were playing April Fools on each other and the next it's May! Woah... I always like to review my start of the month goals at the end to see what I completed. I checked everything off except my Giveaway but that is coming, trust me! 

May seems like a short month, here are my goals:

1. Get summer ready!

If you've seen my previous posts, You'll know I've taken part in a 14 day "Teatox" to kick start a healthier lifestyle. So hopefully 2 weeks is enough to help me get into a good, active routine. Body image aside, I am so excited to go and get aaaaall dolled up and kitted out in some savage bikinis and floaty dresses and cute sandals...mmm yes please! So I want to go shopping this month and pad out my wintery wardrobe a little bit. 

2. Journal errryday

I am trying this new thing where I take a few minutes in the morning to focus my intentions for the day. Sure my writing is a little sloppy and my spelling ain't great but come on guys, it's 6 am! I simply write down what I am grateful for, what would make today really great and my Daily Affirmations. Then before bed I review it and list out what made today great and what could've made today better. Maybe I'll write a more in depth post on this but it's something I'd really like to keep up for the rest of the month. 

3. Celebrate my friends

For the last few months I have been in this bubble of blogging; writing, researching, emailing. And now especially because my friends are more globally spread out, I'd love to reconnect with them. So for this month I'm going to really make a push at reopening old communications and make way for a summer of travel and fun! 

My short but sweet list of focuses for the month ahead! I think this has become a really good exercise because it breaks your year up more and lets you take in each month. I also find that I subconsciously complete these goals because they are always ticking over in the back on my head. Maybe take 10 minutes now to zone in for your month ahead. Is there anything special planned? 

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