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My top 5 Fitness Pins you need to try now

My top 5 Fitness Pins you need to try now

My top 5 fitness pins

The internet is often a great place to go to get info on how to work out, how to eat right and how to lose weight. Sites like Pinterest are great for keeping a visual catalogue of inspiration, motivation and new things to try. I could spend hours pinning away! I rounded up my favourite and most useful pins from my Health and Fitness Board for you to try! You can follow my board or pin these Images straight from here. You can open the image straight into pinterest simply by clicking on it, I've also included their source links as well. Happy Pinning! 

1. The Super Simple Workout

Who wants to get bogged down with crazy routines or freaky apps when you just need to work out right now? I like this pin because it is a simple, total body workout you can just do and get it out of the way or de-stress or whatever.  This is from LaurenConrad.com where she shares her guide to Skinny Jeans in 7 Days.

2. The When All Else Fails Motivator

Well when you see it like that it kind of puts into perspective how little time we need to spend on ourselves. You always think ah sure I need to spend 6 hours in the gym to look like! but when actual fact you just need to make a few simple adjustments. I try to get in either 30 mins of yoga and/or 30 mins brisk walk a day and get up from my desk every once and a while to move and stretch. Thanks to PopSugar.com for this little nugget! 

3. The Routine Inspiration

Everyone knows the secret to success is in a good routine. I have spent weeks perfecting my morning rituals, it's not perfect but it's pretty damn good! This one floats all over the internet, particularly on Tumblr.com so I don't really know where it's from but I have it pinned anyway. This is a pretty sound routine, if you could tweak it to suit your day then you are golden! My Top Tip is to sit down with a pen and paper and draft out your day, You'll realise you have more time than you think! 

4. The Pre- and Post- Food Guide

What you eat affects your body more than working out. You've heard all the slogans; Abs a made in the kitchen not the gym, 30% exercise 70% diet yada yada...They didn't just pull them from their ass, they came from actual research and results. I honestly thought a banana after a workout on an empty stomach is grand but you need to fuel your body to workout. When I was gymin' it I would have something like a fruity flapjack or a banana then after I'd have some milk and some almonds to both fuel and repair my body. This image is again floating on the internet but my pin is sourced to ThePaleoMama.com.

5. The De-stresser

With all this fitness jargon floating around your head while your trying to digest and process your day can really fry your mind. A ten minute meditation is all it takes to get a little clarity. You've cooled your body down after your run but your mind is still running a mile a minute. Without a sound mind you might as well scrap the whole fitness notion! No please don't, I am just kidding! Regular exercise and a balanced diet has a positive effect on your mind too. This lovely little pin is courtesy of WholesomeOne.com

Why not put your pins into action and utilize your new-found knowledge! You will be well on your way to a healthier, happier you. Why not share the love and follow my pinterest board or leave links to yours below so I can check them out!  

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