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Welcome April

Welcome April

Welcome April Blogger Goals Holly Reed blog

I genuinely forgot what day today and that I was going to post this! haha! How are you holding up after loosing an hour of sleep over the weekend? Yeah the only thing that gets me up in the morning is my growling stomach. I haven't given April a lot of thought, actually. 

We are 4 months into the year which is absolutely crazy. Everyday flies in so fast it's hard not to trip up! But I think April will be a big month for my blog. It's taken me a while to find my feet, get into the blogging groooove and gather up some dear followers but I am feeling a little more confident of the near future. I have some new products to review and exciting things to share with you so It's going to be all go here! So here are my goals for April:

1. Get my domain finally sorted

I know, I know. I have been meaning to do this for forever but It's tough picking an address that you want to associate with you for life. Then you got to sort a host and this and that and on and on...but anyway, I'm doing that this month, I promise! 

2. Host a Give-away!

YAAAAAAY! Did someone say freebies? Yes well when I get my domain and all that snazzy stuff sorted, I want to celebrate and share my wonderful news with the world! I haven't decided on what I want to give away nor have I decided when I will hold the give-away but it will be some time this month. Please feel free to tell me what sort of cool things you'd like to see featured.

3. Enjoy my makeup

Yeah, sounds crazy right? Who doesn't enjoy their makeup? Well of course I enjoy my makeup, It's part of my everyday ritual in which I indulge. What I mean is enjoy my products. Yeah for some reason I get all geared up to go makeup shopping, I know exactly what I want, I have enough to get it and yet I get to the counter something switches off in my head and I settle for a lesser equivalent to what I wanted. I really don't know why I do this because I just waste money on something I don't even want! Poo :( 

4. Eat like a French woman

I've gone and lost it all together on this one! But in all seriousness, I'm all about how they eat their food both here in Switzerland and over in France, lots of small portions, savouring every morsel. Who doesn't want to eat like that?! Maybe I'll write about my new way of living. If you'd like to hear more please do let me know!

Those are my little touch downs for this month. I like to think about my goals a lot, really take the time to re-evaluate and see where your at in your life. What have you got planned for April?

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