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welcome february

welcome february

We did it! We survived January! Time for a pat on the back me thinks. January can be quite a trying month; often a disappointing one where we realise we aren't going to live up to the expectations of our resolutions (the crazy kind like I'm going to start running 5km every morning in rain, hail or shine!) I like little, cute goals for each month. It makes them easier to maintain and complete. Here's what I've got planned for this month:

January was a month of ups and downs for me. Friends and family moved back home or to college, I started my fabulous new blog, all the while preparing for my big move to Switzerland! It has also been a month full of great opportunities and I'm so excited for February!

My Goals:

1. read more

I need to take some quiet time to myself and just indulge in the papery goodness of a heart-melting book.My head is racing a mile a minute ready for my next step so I think I need to chill a little more.

2. country walks

I might start this today actually. Living in the beautiful countryside means I am nestled in the thick of tall trees and waterfalls but also renders me blind to them thanks to my hectic life. Waking up in the morning and going for a stroll in the chill air is often the best remedy for a cloudy head. 

 3. improve my french 

Okay when I say improve I mean from my mediocre, primary school understanding of je suis, cafΓ© and chocolat. I have an alright understanding of it so when I stay with my boyfriend's Swiss family I can help out around the house. However, my limited vocab leaves me a little useless at replying! opps! 

4. move to switzerland 

Keeping with the french theme, I am planning to move out to join my boyfriend on the shores of Lac LΓ©man in Switzerland. It'll definitely improve my french! When an opportunity arises you have got to take it!

5. start a new course

I love to learn! I love expanding my opportunities but I hate the thought of being tied to a college! With Switzerland on the horizon I have been looking at possible courses and certs that I can travel with.

And of course I have big things planned for my blog too! So you've got to keep checking in for some real cute articles coming! Will you make some goals for February or are you going to keep working on your New Year's resolutions? If you need some help keeping them check out this post here. Tell me your February Resolutions below!

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