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OOTD: makeup launch party

OOTD: makeup launch party


If you haven't already seen my day at the Blank Canvas Launch  then you have got to check it out! What an awesome day! Okay so why don't I give you a sneak peak into my wardrobe by showing you what I wore to it?

I should be an ambassador for H&M, bringing peace and style wherever I go! No really, I'll show you why...

On this particular Saturday I decided for a cozy but classy look. The weather is still pretty chilly here and there was sleat and frost everywhere. 

I am wearing my shrunken leather jacket from New Look's Vintage Collection. I bought this about 2 years ago and I still love it! It's such a timeless staple to have.

OOTD 01.jpg

I am also using my black faux leather handbag from H&M. I purchased this a year ago while at University and I just love the size and the structure of it. I can fit my tablet in as well as everything else.

Under all that, I am wearing a simple grey t-shirt from H&M's Basics range. This is a wardrobe staple for me too; it looks great over leggings or skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt. H&M's Basics range is a life saver. It's a really affordable way to cover your basics or work in some updated looks.

OOTD 04.jpg

This is my most recent purchase!! Yeah you guessed it, from H&M! haha... This is a beautiful mid length bell-shaped skirt. I love the material as its a heavier, patterned kind that really holds its shape well. How cute it it? It has places for pleats which I pressed in to give a more defined edge.  

What about 'em shoes?! Yeah Black pumps work with everything. These have a matte suede finish. I think from H&M? I'm not sure, I've had these for a while. 

I kept accessories to a minimum. I'm wearing my beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace which I picked up in a Vintage Emporium in my town. I love it! 

I also wore this beautiful bracelet I got for my 18th birthday from my family. It's made from the hair from the tail hair of my first love, my horse Kazabian. A little piece of him will always be with me!

And that concludes my Outfit Of The Day (even though it wasn't for today!) I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my H&M collection! Check out my post on keeping a french wardrobe to see more ways you can wear this style of skirt.

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