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Natural, flattering everyday makeup

Natural, flattering everyday makeup

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup

I am a lover of simplicity and that it super apparent in my everyday makeup. This look is so light and natural, it really enhances your eyes. It's so quick to do if you want a look for work or school or just for everyday then this is it! Of course I change it up all the time but at the moment this is my favourite look! I'm limited in makeup supplies because some is still in Ireland but I'm still using my favourites, the Naked 3 Palette and Bourjois Gel Foundation. 

What I'm using:

  • My Lauren Luke Brushes. These are my absolute favourite but they have sadly been discontinued. I have the full set of 8 which I purchased about 5 years ago, still going strong! 
  • Benefit Bikini-tini cream shadow. It's a pale, shimmery champagne colour that looks great on its own or as a base!
  • The Naked 3 Palette, colours Trick and Factory. Trick is a beautiful, shimmery rose gold and Factory is a warm, shimmery brown that is a tad pink-ish.
  • Catrice Kohl Kajal Pencil on 030 Brown. I use this on my lash line for softer look than black.
  • Maybelline The Rocket mascara. I can't decide if I like this mascara or not yet... It's a little goopy for me but it gives a nice, fanned out look.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix gel foundation in 51, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Light and Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in 51. I did my base as usual prior to the tutorial.
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational lip liner in 132 Sweet Pink and Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. These are my 2 favourite products of all time! Kate 08 is a warm nude so if I want something pinker I use Kate 101. I love the Kate Moss for Rimmel line!

The fun bit:

1. Clean slate

Start with a clean face, apply your moisturizer, eye creams and primers. Follow with your foundation and concealers. (Sidenote: I applied blush and bronzer to my cheeks, Max Factor Miracle Cream Blush 09 Soft Murano and Benefit Hoola bronzer)

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup

2. Create a base

Prime your eyes using a primer, your concealer (powdered) or a cream shadow. I patted Bikini-tini on my eyelid and blended softly into the crease.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup

3. Stand-out lids

Pat Trick onto your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush, really pack it on for a dense colour. Soften it into the crease slightly. This colour will Highlight your lids and make your eyes look wider. If you have heavy lids or deep-set eyes, open them by placing the colour higher than the crease.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup
Natural, flattering, everyday makeup eye shadow

4. Re-define your crease

With a small Pencil brush, carefully apply Factory into the crease. Bring it to meet the outer corner of your eye and smudge into the lower lashes slightly. We'll blend in the next step so don't worry if it's not very neat.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup cut crease
Natural, flattering, everyday makeup Cut Crease

5. "Blend is your your friend"

With a big, soft brush with long bristles, gently blend out Factory using Windscreen Wiper motions. Follow the shape of your eye and keep it soft.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup Blend
Natural, flattering, everyday makeup Blend

6. Line your lids

With a soft, kohl pencil that's brown, line your top lashes. When I do this I like the outer corner to the center and snudge with my finger to blend it into the inner corner. If you don't have a brown pencil you can use Darkside from the Naked 3 palette and a small, liner brush.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup eye liner

7. Complete the look

Finish the look with lashings of black mascara! I also lined my lips and applied Kate Moss 08 lipstick to finish.

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup Mascara

The finished look!

Natural, flattering, everyday makeup complete
Natural, flattering, everyday makeup complete

Flattering day makeup of all eye shapes using ONLY 5 products!

How simple was that?! I absolutely love using one palette or just a handful of products to create looks, It's just such a fun challenge! If you enjoyed this look and would like to see more please feel free to ask! Don't forget to like and share this with your friends or Pin this handy tutorial on Pinterest for later.

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