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My Lazy Sunday in Switzerland

My Lazy Sunday in Switzerland

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There is something about Sundays that just ooozes chill time and one thing I have learned in my time in Switzerland is Sunday is rest day. No shops open (or very few), no house work, just downtime.

This Sunday was a prime example of how chill a Sunday should be. It was a slow wake up to the sun peeping through the shutters of our window. Nothing beats a lie-in while looking out at the snowy Alps. Our peace was soon disturbed by some heavy rap coming from my boyfriend's brother in the next room...I guess you can't have it all! 

Lazy Sunday: Through the shutters

To snap me out of my sleepy state was the smell of fresh, hot crepes and honey...mmm! You can see my recipe here

Lazy Sundays: Tea and pancakes

Once filled to the brim with these delicious pancakes it was off for a nice soak in the tub followed by some catching up on my favourite blogs. In the early afternoon I made the most delicious, mouth-watering lasagne served with crispy homemade chips and a salad on the side. It was sooo tasty and seriously filling! We sat back like fat cats for a while until we could move again. Once feeling limber enough, we went to walk of our dinner (as my Granda would say!). 

Lazy Sundays: Walk through the village

We walked into the next village, about 2 Km away. We seen this small stream of water with this HUGE lump of snow jammed in it! Check it out, how crazy is that? 

Lazy Sundays: Snow drifts
Lazy Sunday: Snow drift

Spring is quickly approaching too! It's so exciting to see new plants sprouting already. I can't believe it's almost March!

Lazy Sundays: Flowers Sprouting

My lovely, lazy Sunday was brought to a close with a cup of tea to warm us up and some yummy Natural Yogurt and Honey before bed. I hope you had a blissful weekend spent with friends and family or perhaps catching up on some work. I am certainly feeling all refreshed for the week ahead!

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Natural, flattering everyday makeup

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What's in my bag?