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How to have a healthier day

How to have a healthier day

Healther Day

It can be really hard to start a new habit especially when it comes to getting healthy. Here are a few changes you can make today, in a handy counting-to-ten guide. I think that little baby steps is best so you won't feel so overwhelmed by it all!

  • 0 empty calories/processed foods

Opt for brown rices, pastas and breads instead of their more loved white, over-processed alternatives. Go for something raw and earthy like fruits, veggies and nuts if you're hungry.

  • 1 hour of exercise

Break this up into chunks, then its not so scary! A 20 minute walk, half an hour exercise video, 10 minutes of yoga there… Done! (P.S. sleeping in your sports bra = no cold bra, no excuse first thing in the morning!)

  • 2 litres of water everyday

Woah there, thats a lot! Or is it?  2 litres is just 8 little 250ml glasses of water (your standard glass). Keep a fresh glass next to you at all times so you keep sipping!

  • 3 self compliments

Look at yourself in the mirror, look how amazing you look! Whenever you catch your reflection give yourself a compliment. Go on and try it, see how good it feels!

  • 4 mental breaks

Step away from the screen you're staring at and move around, a few deep breaths and a wiggle and you're good to go! Process your thoughts properly.

  • 5 small meals

Eating little and often keeps your metabolism working all the time which can aid weight loss. Also, regular small meals means you're staying full on good fuel so you're less likely to reach for the bad, fatty, salty foods.

  • 6 am start

Are you mad?! Nope! Get up, get the kettle on and practice some Yoga Meditation. Its a really peaceful time of day to catch your calm before your day starts.

  • 7 minutes in heaven

Flashbacks to 12 year old’s parties...not what I meant! Go for a shower. You don’t need to wash your hair or shave your legs, just enjoy the hot water on you skin and the steam on your face. Replay those scenarios in your head that gets you pumped… SHOWER POWER!

  • 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is so important to help your body heal and get its act together for the new day. Besides, who doesn't like sleep?!

  • 9 thousand steps a day

Thats an easy 280 calories in an hour. Don't believe me? read this

  • 10 pm bedtime

I said 8 hours sleep, remember? Give yourself an hour before you go to bed to unplug from the world and unwind so you sleep better. Yes,mom...

Those are my little changes for you to make to you day. It takes 28 days to make a habit so give yourself a chance! After a couple of days you'll be feeling like new in no time. What do you like to do to make your day healthier?

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