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Welcome December

Welcome December


This is it! My last monthly post for 2015. I can't belive that it's December already. This post is a little slow off the mark I'm afraid but I have been dying with the cold..pretty sure its man flu, soz boys. 

I'm getting in the Christmas mood early this year. Normally I'm a traditional 12 days of Crimbo kinda gal but this year I'm in Switzerland until the final days before Christmas Day so we are getting in the swing of it right from today (or well, yesterday) .

I have dried my oranges and lemons, made my ginger salt dough ornaments, bundled my cinnamon sticks, gathered my candles, strung my popcorn and even called into IKEA for a mini christmas tree. I am so ready*! 

*Micheal Bublé is also on shuffle pretty much 24/7 too. 

I don't have a lot going for December in terms of goals and plans but I've few to keep you thinking:

1. Look back over the year

Take a moment and reflect on the events of 2015. See what worked and what didn't and use this to make 2016 even better. It's also so lovely to reflect of how much we've grown and changed in a matter of months. 

2. Make the most of Family Time

I love going to my little cousin's Nativity Play, Christmas movies and cozy nights in, howls of laugher in the local reminiscing. I've spent a year away from home which for a Home Bird that's pretty tough! So i really want to revel in my family's quirks and all that. 

3. Catch up with friends and celebrate a year well spent

This has been a really tough year for many reasons but what makes returning home Oh So Sweet is meeting up with my friends and cry with laughter over the year we've had! A free glass o' Champers, knowing nod from the Bar Keep and someone's pint spilled into your shoe as you chant the words you assume is right to Auld Lang Syne with your pals. That is by far the best way to bring in the New Year and leave the past in the past. 

I look forward to the rest of the month and bringing in the new year! As for my blog I've got lots of christmassy posts and recipes and product reviews so stay tuned! What are your plans for this festive month?  Share them in the comments below! 

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