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Lush Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Double Weft Set

Lush Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Double Weft Set


Ah! My hair; the essence of my fabulous looks but also the bain of my life. I have had a love/hate relationship with my hair since I lobbed off my ponytail earlier this year. You can read all about my hair transformation in this post but to sum it up I cut my 22" hair (just past my nipnips) up to my jaw (progressively over, like, 2 weeks?) Oh how I longed for my long hair again...beachy waves, messy buns, sleek up-styles...basically to be Rapunzel once again (fave princess FYI!)

This is what my scraggy hair normally looks like:


And with the extensions in:


Fortunately, LUSH was my knight in shining armor and sent me 20 eye watering inches of hair, weighing in at a cuuurvy 205 grams. But it only gets better...Keep reading to find out!



The Process: 

Have you ever bought hair online before? Like how is that even possible?! What a world we live in! There is all these shades and tones and lengths and nightmares. If you're going to spend the money, it's got to be right, right? Sooo when they asked me to pick out a colour, length and style I simply browsed their site, comparing their pictures to my hair flopped on the screen and asked every housemate I could find until I was happy.


Then they told me that to be sure, I could send them a photo of my hair! How fab is that?! So a couple gawky shots in some natural light later the lovely team at LUSH was happy and my order shipped just like that. There's a free service for colour matching on their website. Simply fill it out, upload your photos and someone with get back to you ASAP.


The First Impressions: 

The extensions come bound to a plastic sheet so you can see it and feel it no bother. Now is your chance to double check the colour so if it's not right you can just pop it back in the tube and exchange it. The colour was a great match as you can see. My colour was #8 Light Brown  which costs £99.99. 


There is a lot of hair. It's 100% Remy human hair which means the human hair has been dyed to achieve the desired colour. It feels full, thick and heavy in your hand and when you hold it up it doesn't look sparse or whispy. My set did seem to thin out towards the end but because it is 100% human hair extensions can vary from set to set. I didn't find this offputting because to me it just made them look like what my old real hair used to. 

The hair doesn't feel dry or look dull. It feels soft and silky just like your own would. 


The colour match was perfect, like I said, although my set did have a few rogue sewing threads near the "roots". They also smelled a little musty maybe but nothing a little shampoo couldn't fix.

Now from experience of mannequin styling heads and using human hair in wig making the smell, stray threads and thick-to-thinness is totally normal from products that are 100% human hair. It's not a big deal nor is it something that would put me off.

The Fitting: 

I loved wearing these bad boys! The clips have a rubber grip inside so there is no need to tease your hair because these are so secure. If you would like to see how to clip in extensions remind me in the comments and I can get to work on that for you! I wore them down straight, curled and up in a ponytail (all future tutorials that are coming) The bands of hair are secure but are flat enough to my head that there is no funky lumps or bumps.  


Inside the Ultimate set you get: 

  • 2 x 8" bands with 4 clips  
  • 2 x 6" bands with 3 clips
  • 2 x 4" bands with 2 clips
  • 2 x 3" bands with 2 clips
  • 2 x 2" bands with 1 clips

The bands are are perfectly designed to be ultra secure with the right amount of width and clips. For example: It's normal in extentions to recieve 2 x 1" one clip wefts for the front of your hair. Not gonna lie but these are pretty crappy and just end up looking a little wierd because they're so thin but in the LUSH set the one clip wefts are 2" instead which means there's a lot more hair.  

The Styling: 

As I said above I wore these straight, curled and up in a ponytail. These extentions held up beautifully on all occasions and even stayed pretty in a snow shower.  

Of course adding an extra 205g of hair to your head your gonna notice it! It feels heavy but thanks to those clips I was talking about it's still comfortable. 


The hair is easy to brush and holds a curl well. You are able to heat style these extentsions using a lower heat of 180 degrees or less.  

I did find that there was quite a bit of breakage but little shedding. Like I said before this is real human hair just like your own so the hair health varies from set to set.  The hair doesn't look fluffy or frizzy and still looked healthy and glossy.

 The Shipping:

The shipping from the UK was fast and they arrived within the week of being dispatched. The hair (which is tied to that plastic we talked about) is in a smooshed plastic tube with everything you need to know about the hair.  They came in this massive flat box too.


The postage offers international shipping as well as Next Day and Saturday delivery to the UK (only). You can see costs and time estimates here if your unsure.

I can only imagine what my poor postie was thinking when my boyfriend opened the door with his already long hair.

The Overall:

I am absolutely smitten with my extentions. The colour and length is perfect and the service from the LUSH team. I also think these extensions are very affordable. I would place these extensions right up there with brands like Luxy or Bellami where you would pay more than double for a similar set. These are high quality, well made extensions. You can cut, heat style and even dye them. Take them to your hair salon and they can shape them and style too if you want! I'm delighted with my set and I've had tons of compliments about them too, which is always nice. 


LUSH also have a huge shade and length range includng vibrant colours like  platinum blonde and bright violet as well as a range of beautiful Ombre.

You can get these extensions from lushhairextentions.co.uk. I have the shade #8 in 20" and they are perfect (as if I can't say it enough ha!). You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram too for some more hairspiration!

Got any advice for extension care? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

*The Ultimate Double Weft extensions was sent to me as a gift from LUSH Hair Extentions for reviewing purposes. This post was unpaid and there are no affiliate links featured in this post*

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