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Huge Arbonne Haul and Review: Makeup, Skincare, Nutrition


I am always on the look out to try new makeup or skin care or what have you so I was absolutely delighted when a lovely lady named Tracy got in contact with me. Tracy is an Independent consultant for Arbonne. A company which has been around for 35 years now, Arbonne prides themselve's on their founding priciple of being "pure, safe, beneficial". 

Tracy was a breeze to work with. She talked me through the company's background, explaining how they develop botanically based products that combine the best of nature with leading science. Want to know something else that's cool? Arbonne is a vegan brand who is also a Green company. So yeah think recycling, biodegradable, soy based inks, carbon neutral shipments and ZERO animal products used. Pretty cool, eh? I've been reading more and more into veganism over the last few months, mainly about switching my beauty products so this was a fantastic find!  

Anyway, the company is fab and all but there is no way I could navigate it without the help of Tracy! The website is like woah that's a lot of stuff so I said to Tracy: Surprise me! and that she did. 



The first thing I tried was this foundation. Now this is the same deal as my hair extensions, I told Tracy a few shades and brands I used and she colour matched me from that. Turns out I'm a pretty Porcelain. Dayymn that girl can choose these colours. It was the perfect match and my sample was the right amount for me to get a Day look and a Night looking so I was able to really try it out. 

I'll admit, it's not like any foundation I've used before though I supose I could say it's similar to the L'Oreal Infallible Matte except this one is much more luminating.  

COVERAGE: The foundation is described as "moderate to full coverage" so it was sheer enough that my skin still looked like skin but buildable enough that I could conceal my under eyes or redness from my drippy nose (TMI?). It blended really smoothly into my skin and didn't settle into any lines or creases.  

WEARABLITY: It lasted all day and even stood up to rigorous tests such as nose blowing and fondue eating.  It also didn't oxidise (and go darker) which is such a huge deal for me with my whiter than white skin. I didn't need to powder except for under my eyes as per, because it dried beautifully onto my skin with a luminous satin finish. No touch ups needed, a little powder on my T-Zone once I hit the 8 hr mark. I did find it a little dry feeling after a while though.

BENEFITS: Now this foundation promise a whole heap of things such as protection with SPF 15, moisturising and firming thanks to the likes of ribose, amino acids, white tea, aleria esculenta and so on. It felt comfortable on my skin, I didn't look cakey and it looked fresh all day so big ole thumbs up from me!

WHERE TO GET IT: This foundation costs a smart £32 and is 30mls a bottle. There's 15 shades and a variety of tones so there is bound to be the perfect match thanks to Tracy's magic! I think this is a pretty reasonable price considering this foundation promises long lasting anti aging results and is easy on the enviroment. You can snag this from Tracy (contact details below) who can help you pick out your shade or online here.



I was also sent an adorable sample of the primer to pair it with the foundation. Now wait till you hear how clever I am...I applied it to one side of my face before the foundation so I could compare. Good eh?  

WEARABLITY: It's really creamy and smooth compared to others which made it a lot easier to apply. Also, a little went a long way!  It created a soft blur over my skin so little lines and pore were noticeably smoothed. I actually noticed that the foundation didn't crease around my eyes before powdering when I had this on underneath.

LONGEVITY: I'm not sure my makeup lasted longer with this as both sides held out fairly well. What I did notice was that it make my makeup wear off more evenly. My skin looked a lot more smoother because unlike other primers I tried, when this was applied and it settled into lines and pores it sort of dried (? not the right word)  so that it didn't move around and smear when I applied the foundation over it and filled them in so my foundation looked smooth.  

BENEFITS: Not only is this a primer but it's like a conditioner as well. So those weird patches that your makeup sticks to but you can't exfoliate off to save yourself? This primer has hyaluronic spheres, green tea leaf, grapeseed and horsetail (it's a plant) that all nourish and condition your skin. The Iron Oxides and Mica is what creates that wonderful airbrushed blur. 

WHERE TO GET IT: I also like to wear it alone with a tap of powder and it looks beautiful...just thought I'd squeeeze that in.  30ml bottle costs £27. You can order it from Tracy via phone/email (contact info below) or buy it online here.


Yeah, not gonna lie..this bad boy lives in my handbag now for on the go hand lovin' . The FC5 is Fresh Cell technology which has captured fresh cells from 5 different fruit and vegetables to achieve radiant skin. The likes of kiwi, manderin oranges, safflower, cucumber etc are all squeezed into this bottle and it is the yummiest thing I have every smelt! Not. Even. Kidding. It's a really light formula so you get a lot out of it from such a small amount. My hands are velvety smooth and my nails are thanking me!

WHERE TO GET IT: You can order it from Tracy (see below) or online here for £21 for 118ml tube.



The RE9 Advanced is Arbonne's #1 anti-aging skin care line. Now I am a huge believer in looking after your skin; you're never too young for night cream or eye cream or even something anti-aging. It's all well and good trying to turn back the clock but why not start young and maintain your youthful appearance instead? Anyway, I was sent this fab little tester of the whole range I really was able to try it all for my self. 

WHAT'S IN THE RANGE: It's a 5 product/5 step routine with a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, restorative day cream (SPF20)/ extra moisture restorative day cream (SPF20)/ night repair cream. Obviously you swap out the 5th step with the apropriate day/night cream.

HOW DOES IT PERFORM: The range promises firmer skin in just 24 hours, now being 20 I think my skin is at it's peak of firmness but I do think there was a small but noteworthy difference around my eye area. It also does the typical fewer lines and wrinkles etc. In their trials the company reported results in their 90%s for reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in tone and clarity and refinement in skin texture, smoothness and moisturisation after just 4 weeks. For me, I didn't exactly get 4 weeks to try it out but I definitely liked how it felt and how smooth my skin looked after following the routine a few times! 

WHERE TO GET IT: You can get the full 5 steps (both day and night incl.) for £268 or pick and choose your faves from the line, starting at £29 and stopping at £70. You can drop Tracy a line or get them online here. There's also a range for gents!


OoOohh am I a sucker for face masks! You've got your mud and you've got your peeling but this one caught my eye because it promises to renew your cells. Like what?!  

WHAT DOES IT DO: So being a mild exfoliant it's basically going to slug off any dead cells, bacteria, pore blocking gunk all the while it improves skin tone and texture, minimise pores and give you a glow. And boy did it give me a glow!  They say use it at night for 7 mins so I incorporated it into my pamper night, washed it off, went to make hot chocolate and my house mate asked why I looked like a tomato before rolling around laughing(...there may or may not have been alcohol in his system). Basically it did it's mild tingly thing and stirred all the blood to the surface and well like my housemate said, I (momentarily) looked like a tomato. 

DOES IT WORK?: My skin was silky smooth and bright red for a while but it did feel like it could be really beneficial after a few uses. It was a lot of fun to use and I definately noticed results! I really liked it. 

WHERE TO GET IT: The jar is £54 for 49ml. Like all Arbonne products, a little goes a long way!  You can order yours from Tracy or online here



Now I'm really not a suplements kinda person, I'm a balanced diet kinda gal. If your lacking in something then top it up with a fruit or veggie. Suplements also taste pretty gross. Hang on, I never told you, as well as skincare, makeup and body care, Arbonne also looks after you on the inside with a whole range of suplements, protein things, work out aids, weightloss aids and so much more! I was sent both flavors of the Energy Sticks to try out.

WHAT ARE THEY?: Okay so citrus and pomegranate flavour powder, you disolve them in water and enjoy! They have all the essential B vitamins which you need to keep your metabolism and nervous system in check as well as pantothenic acid which helps reduce tirednes and fatigue.. They are 13 cals a stickand full of good botanical things like green tea and ginseng.

DO THEY WORK?: Okay hold on to your horses there. First of all holy cow these taste amazing. They go all fizzy and yummy and they actually taste soooo good. I just, I can't even. Secondly, yeah, I do think they work. I had both of mine during the afternoon on different days as a wee afternoon pick me up instead of my cup o jo! Now I'm not gonna be like yeah woo wow I ran 5 k because that would be bs and we know it. Actually, I just felt like a more positive, geared up version of myself (that actually got work done instead of watching Friends until dinner). So yeah I was actually both surprised and impressed by these.

WHERE TO GET THEM: For 30 sticks is £43 each (pomegranate or citrus). Order a bow from Tracy or online here


So there you have it! The hugest review in the history of reviews! I actually really enjoyed working with Arbonne and Tracy to write this post. I love trying new products because I looooooove nit-picking and trying to find a fault and boy do I hate it when I'm wrong! I was really happy with all the bits and pieces I tried. 

Tracy is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne with experience as a Biomedical Scientist.  You can contact Tracy directly via her email which is tracyyoung81@gmail.com. She can send you out a catalog of all the products and help you make customizations and recomendations from foundation shade to the right protein shake. You can also visit her Arbonne profile online to see the full range of products too.

Have you tried anything out from Arbonne before? Tell me in the comments below! Why not share this with a few friends, family and significant others and drop a few hints in for Christmas?  

 *All products mentioned was sent to me as a gift from Tracy and Arbonne. All opinions are my own. This post does not contain affiliate links.*

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