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Welcome November


I can't believe this is the second last Monthy post of 2015. Yowza! 

October was a really lovely month. Despite the hectic harvast of grapes leaving us unsure of what day it was to begin with, we soon got into the swing of things with tarts, pies, soups and long walks over crunchy leaves. 

For November I thought I'd try something a little different for my monthly goals. My blog will still be filled with louds of fun posts; some christmas related, some not, you'll have to wait and see!  But for my November goals I've decided to embrace "No"-vember. Now, guys have Movember and No Shave November and as much as I'd love to give up hair removal for a month, I don't think ti would be very beneficial to my personal growth.  

NO-vember is going to be all about saying no. Although it sounds contrary to the more positive "say yes to everything" outlook, my method is equally as positive. 

1. NO being lazy

It's getting cold and dark and grey now so naturally I just want to spend 80% of my day in my bed. But I hope to combat this by saying NO to being lazy! haha easier said than done, am I right?  

2. NO excuses

Who doesn't love a good excuse?! I actually miss living with my mum because now I can't say stuff like "I'd love to go but mum won't let me" when i was too lazy to do stuff. HA! There's that L word again.  but for NOvember I'm going to stop making excuses and start actually doing stuff!  

3. NO bad feelings

When something gets stuck in your mind and it festers while you turn it over and over until you are all angry and hate-filled. There' nothing wrong with having a bad day or being in a bad mood but when it starts to eat at you and distress you thats's when you know there's a problem!  

4. NO giving up

That feeling of just wanting to pack it all in and give it all up? I hate it. but I often remind myelf that you've come this far so why not stick it out a little longer and see what else is around the corner? 

So those are my goals for this month. I really hope this new approach will have a positive outcome. I'm excited to see what happens! What are your plans for November? Are you going to try the NOvember challenge with me?

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