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...Worth a thousand words || #Blogtober

...Worth a thousand words || #Blogtober


I tugged on the laces of my "Juno" boots one last time and a final refresh of my Bebo profile to check my messages and I was on my way. I smoothed my puffy dress and tugged at the itchy, hand sewn waistline while shamelessly checking myself out in the window reflection in the hallway. I spun on my heels, about to make my decent downstairs when my mum did the same thing except at the bottom of the stairs.

"Is that my dress?" she asked, amazed. "Where on earth did you find it?" 

It was in a bin bag of my mum's hand-me-downs my Nanny had given me. I loved old, secondhand clothes more than the shiny new ones I couldn't afford. But this dress spoke to me.

It's white cotton fabric was stamped with Chinese lettering and caligraphy so red it could have been swashed with blood. The elastic waistband itched but the polyester petticoats never rode up on me. Even the seemingly uncomfortable square neckline and sholders couldn't phase me in this dress! 

Teamed with a pair of red striped Halloween tights and a big, red faux leather belt and a pair of dirty, plaid Nike boots that were similar to the pair Juno was wearing when her waters broke in the movie. This outfit was more me that I was, at least while I was still becoming me.

"You look incredible! Let me take your photo, please?" mum begged while she dashed for her camera.

My amateur photographer mother set up a blanket on the fireplace in our sitting room. I awkwardly smiled as she snapped a few blurry pics. I was used to this as both she and my sister were my "photographers" for my embarassing "modeling" fan page on Bebo.  

I sat, daydreaming while my mum fiddled, flustered, with the settings on her camera while padding at her bleary glasses.

That's when she captured this photo. To me, this photo catured my 15 year old self perfectly; my unique-ness, my individuality, my personality. While I stuggled to fit in, my personal style helped me stand out. My armour thick in quirky badges and patches and layers shielded me, made me grow strong against the world.

I take my appearance both very seriously and very personally, still. I always have to remember: 

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton


So Blogtober day 5 got off to a bizzare start, eh? Well for today I was to share with you an old photo of myself. I didn't quite know what to do with that piece of info but I did what I knew how to do! Write!

But if you'd like to see a more "Autumn" themed photo then here: 


Baby me in the arms of my uncle when his college mates came around for "prinks" before their Halloween night out! A killer photo...

Anyway, got a photo with a great story behind it? Why not head over to my contact page and send me it! Maybe I'll share a few on Twitter or Facebook! 

See you in tomorrow's post! 🍃 

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