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Where have I been? || Update

Where have I been? || Update


Good morning my fabulous readers!

You've probably noticed I have been a little MIA over here on The Lady Life (and Twitter and Insta and Facebook) for a few days. Well I'll keep this short and sweet but I thought you deserved to know where I've been.

In all honesty haven't been anywhere. I broke the charger to mytablet; my one and only and finally conection to the internet. With my remaining 4% I managed to navigate the french Amazon (which is all in french) with my screen brightness well down and ordered a new cable! It wasn't supposed to get here until later this week but it arrived on Saturday so I'm back in good form now! 

I was able to use my boyf's Xbox to browse Facebook and Skype my family but I spent most of the week planning, organising, catching up on Youtube and hanging out with my housemates!

So now that I'm back I will be blogging in full swing once again so happy days. As for Blogtober I won't attept to catch up on the days I missed but rather just jump right into today's post and go from there. 

So what have I missed? What's going on in your world? Share with me in the comments below!  

I have missed yoooouu! 

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