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The Lady Life | #Blogtober

The Lady Life | #Blogtober


Hey there! For today's Blogtober post I'm sharing the story behind my blog name. This won't be a hugely lengthy post because a lot of this info can be read in my About Me section (where parts of this post has been adapted from).

The Lady Life blog began it's journey January of this year under the name "Holly Reed". I wanted this blog to be a direct translation of me, except my powdery pink crap wasn't as me as I'd thought!  

I used to be a beauty blogger. I'm still totally into it but my tech issues have rendered me useless for filming and uploading so I'm focusing on writing for now. I also lost touch with my initial sucess after pressured attepts to monetize my videos. It didn't feel like me anymore!

That's when The Lady Life came to the rescue. Lady Life was initially a category for my "Holly Reed" site but I liked it too much and then boom! The Lady Life was born!

The elegant and classy life of a lady is me and this blog is a gentle nudge in the guts to remind me who I am and what I stand for. I want to share with you my thoughts and beliefs of what it takes to be a young woman in today's society. I want to encourage self love and acceptance, to share coping techniques for all of life's ups and downs, I want to change the world. But of course, I still want to have some fun!

That's why you can find such a mix of tutorials, outfit posts, product rants and raves as well as some life hacks like recipes and how-tos. I love to vary it and keep it fresh too. 

So tell me? If your a young woman like myself who is trying to make it in this world, what does being a Lady mean to you? Is it a woman who is strong and independent? Or perhaps stylish and confident? 

If you think there is one thing the younger generations should take from The Lady Life, what would it be?

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