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Fall Fitness || #Blogtober


The clocks have finally fallen back an hour and you begin to fantly remember what the world looks like in morning light. For a while there the only place you'd find me is my bed until the sun came up. However, I was more than motivated by the sunlight creeping through my shutters after a way too peppy wakeup call from my boyfriend demanding pancakes at 6:45am this morning. 

Today's Blogtober post is going to be about one of my many hobbies; fitness.

I'm notnothuge fitness freak. I love a good aul long walk to walk off my dinner and I'm partial to one or two (dozen) of my home-bakes and hot chocolate. But I like the shape I'm in so I suppose I have to maintain it. 


I love walking, however. I'd walk forever! I went for a 38km walk because I was bored. Madness! There is very few neighboring places I haven't walked to. I have been incorporating some more strength exercises because I'd like to think I'm quite strong but without my livestock to run after I'm slacking.


I love to walk and work out the most when the summer starts to cool and when the winter begins to thaw. Those are my favorite times of year. There is nothing more rewarding than coming in from the cold and having a hot shower and cup of tea. Oh so good! 


Did you know your trusty pumpkin spice latte with cream has 380 kcals?! This is totally irrelevat to you unless you are counting calories. My thing is watching my sugar, salt and carbohydrate intake but that's another story. So if you fancy a pumpkin latte thing do you know what you gotta do? Say you wwith 68kg/150lb (don't worry, I'll never tell!) and you did 100 sit ups in 15 minutes, you'd have burned around 57kcals. So You'd have to do an hour and a half of sit ups to burn off the festive beverage. Where as the same person could go for a brisk hour and a half walk and you would have burned off then some. I tell you what I'd rather do.


The Autumn time is a really lovely time to go for a walk. Whether your burning off that Starbucks or you just need to clear your heard; a walk does wonders for you! I met a lovely cow out on my walk today. It was pretty damn cool! 

Anyway, I'm off relax after a long and exciting day exploring. What's your favorite way to squeeze in some autumn goodness?  

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