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Desk Organisation || #Blogtober


I'm sure you already know but blogging does involve working at a desk with a computer and all that. I'll admit I'd be lying if the only thing at my desk was my tablet and keyboard. I'd also be lying if I said I only blog at my desk; I write pretty much everywhere I can with or without WiFi.

So let's give you a little look at what I see while I'm creating these marvy    blog posts shall we? I'll throw in a few tips and tricks while I'm at it, awk why not! 



your muse

So my desk looks a little crazy, I know. But part of the beauty blogging malarky is having countless products to try, looks to create, photos to make, brushes to wash. Infact I need to was this roll of brushes and if I put them away for the sake of the photo I'd never get them done! 


clear and in sight

I like to keep everything well spread out at arm's reach and in my line of sight. I keep my papers stacked in a way I can reach what I need quickly and I'm never without a pen, eyelash curler or sticky note.


in touch with nature

I work next to my window so fresh air and sunlight is in constant supply which is so important for keeping my mind clear. I'm also surrounded by the plants by boyfriend has been growing (if you'd like to know there's 2 avocados to the left, one huge one on the right, 2 mangos, 2 cactus and a lemon tree). Nature is pretty inspiring and just simply makes me feel healthy.


a little inspiration

I put together this little mood board of colours, images and quotes to move my mind when it's feeling a little stuck. It's full of things I love (including avacado on toast) so it's really good at reminding me and motivating me. I also have this really dingy photo of me and my handsome Irish Draught foal Kazabian. He was six months and I was 16...we've both come a long way! The frame has no glass and has horsey hairs and bits of shit in it because I used to keep it in his stable but I wouldn't change it for all the frames in the world!


So there you have a sneak behind the scenes of The Lady Life. I hope it inspires you to create your own personal working space or perhaps alter the one you have. You can share pictures of your workspace with me on Twitter or Instagram, simply tag me @theladylifeblog so I can see! got some Desk Decor tips? Share below!

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